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    What if a guy's wife tells him she's been screwing her friend ( male friend--no misunderstandings :lol: ) ??

    And what if in frustration he goes to a bar and meets a guy who is a compulsive womaniser , and who wants him too to womanise ??

    And what if his daughter tells him that she's in love--with whom but the womaniser ??

    And what if his 13 year old son is in love with a 17 year old girl who , instead of reciprocating his feelings falls for the dad himself ??--to the point of posting him her naked photos ??

    And what if the girls father finds this out and comes to thrash this guy at the same time his wife wants to come back to him and in the same place where his daughter is confessing her love for his womanising friend ??

    Awww--you would say , all these things happen in some crazy stupid movie.....

    Presiecely--thats why the movie is called crazy , stupid love....

    But it does give us the entertainment....

    ....thats what we all want , isn't it ??

    Verdict--good for a one time watch.

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