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Discussion in 'Members Corner' started by ashdoc, Aug 15, 2011.

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    Jul 21, 2010
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    What a shitty movie.....

    supposed to be about reservations , but turns into a personal battle between two coaching classes--one a posh and expensive class , and another one that amitabh runs in a tabela !!

    amitabh does act well , but thats not gonna save this movie.......

    the director does take a stand in favour of reservations in the first half , making saif ali khan ( a lower caste )mouth some good points in favour of reservations in an argument with prateik babbar , who is an upper caste . but the movie totally swerves off course in the second half .

    maybe the director lost the guts to tackle the politically sensitive question of quotas and reservations head on....

    ......or maybe he does not have any real answers to the arguments and counter-arguments about quotas....

    waste of time and money.....
  3. tarunraju

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    Sep 18, 2009
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    Or maybe the politically-sensitive stuff was peeled off before we could watch the movie.
  4. Known_Unknown

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    Apr 21, 2009
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    Yup, what a waste of time and money.....I didn't have very high hopes for this one anyway, because I'd seen Rajneeti before and knew what to expect (or what not to expect). The movie tackles the subject of reservation only in half of the 1st half, while the other half is Saif-Padukone's romance and some shitty songs, while the 2nd half has absolutely ZERO to do with the subject. It veers completely off track into a battle between two teachers, Amitabh, who's teaching in a horse stable and manoj bajpai, who's setting up commercial coaching classes everywhere. And the ending doesn't even make sense. Apparently, the tabela class in one location (which is free, no money taken by Amitabh) causes massive losses to Bajpai's coaching classes which are spread all over the city in 27 locations. It's not explained how one free class in one location serving a fraction of the students that Bajpai does can cause a large successful business to bleed money and go into the red.

    Verdict: Don't waste your money on this one, go watch Planet of the Apes or Delhi Belly instead.

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