Mach 20 missile, Americas hit anything on earth within an hour ace card.

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    Pentagon’s Mach 20 Missile Ready for Ultimate Test | Danger Room |
    The Defense Department is pursuing three
    different families of technologies to
    accomplish the task. One is to rearm
    nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles
    with conventional warheads. But that runs
    the risk of accidentally triggering a response
    from another atomic power, who might
    mistake it for a nuke. Oops.
    A second effort is to build shorter-range
    cruise missiles that can fly at five or six
    times the speed of sound. But that X-51
    Waverider project is running into
    complications: A June flight test ended
    prematurely, for reasons that are still
    Some variation of the HTV-2 is the third
    choice; to some in the defense community,
    it’s the most appealing. The HTV-2 spends
    most of its time flying through the
    atmosphere , before it dives down to hits its
    target. That means it’s unlikely to be
    mistaken for a nuclear missile, which
    spends most of its time above the
    atmosphere. World War III averted.
    Yet despite the aircraft’s potentially
    revolutionary role — and despite the tens of
    millions of dollars poured into the Falcon
    program every year — Darpa was
    somewhat cavalier in its first test of HTV-2.
    The HTV-2 has an unusual, wedge shape;
    think of it like a 13,000 mph slice of deep-
    dish pizza. In theory, the shape should
    provide more lift. But few people had flown
    anything quite like the HTV-2 at these
    intense speeds before.
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