Kongsberg Delivers Next Generation Ultra Low-Light HOSS Camera to the U.S. Navy

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    Kongsberg Maritime Delivers Next Generation Ultra Low-Light Helicopter Operations Surveillance System (HOSS) Camera to the US Navy
    26 april 2011

    Following extensive product development and factory and sea trials, Kongsberg Maritime have successfully delivered the first of its new generation of innovative ultra low light cameras to the US Navy, via Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), for use within the existing Kongsberg supplied Helicopter Operations Surveillance System (HOSS) for amphibious class ships.

    The new high resolution camera is a drop-in replacement for the previous generation HOSS camera, allowing for a cost-effective and seamless system performance upgrade.

    Featuring significant advances in core imaging sensor technology and packaged for the harshest naval environments, the camera provides a performance step change in affordable low-light shipboard surveillance.

    Performance improvements include: increased camera light sensitivity, image contrast and a wider dynamic range, which results in improved image quality and range performance even in extremely low-light night time conditions. The camera also features a 10 times optical zoom lens, sealed nitrogen purged aluminium housing and thermostatically controlled window heater.

    Helicopter Operations Surveillance System (HOSS) Camera:

    The HOSS camera comprises a high-sensitivity monochrome CCD video camera coupled to a 10:1 zoom lens and protected by a sealed, nitrogen-purged environmental housing. A thermostatically-controlled heated window helps to disperse external condensation. The camera utilises the latest generation of non-intensified CCD sensor, offering greatly improved light sensitivity (especially in the near infra-red spectrum) and enhanced anti-blooming, signal-to-noise and dynamic range. These improvements, together with the use of a large-aperture (f/1.2) zoom lens, allow the camera to meet the required sensitivity specifications without the need for an intensified camera tube or intensified CCD sensor. This is of major benefit to reliability, immunity to over-exposure, and through-life maintenance costs.

    Pan and tilt

    The camera is mounted to a robust, environmentally sealed, stainless steel pan and tilt unit. This unit is capable of continuous 360º rotation in the pan axis and has a tilt range of ±70º. The zero backlash pan and tilt gear train, which provides exceptional precision for steady pictures, is protected in the event of abnormal loads by internal clutch mechanisms. A fixed camera mount is also available.

    Control system

    Control of the system is achieved via the control system and dual controllers located in the bridge and control room. Date/time information may also be overlaid on the video. Proportional speed pan/tilt and camera zoom are all controlled by a single joystick.


    Source: Kongsberg Gruppen

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