Japanese Defence minister to visit India in December

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    Defense Minister Satoshi Morimoto plans to visit India in early December for talks with his Indian counterpart, A. K. Antony, in an attempt to bolster military ties to counter China, sources said.

    The two ministers are expected to discuss the possibility of turning a joint drill the Maritime Self-Defense Force and the Indian navy held in June into a regular event, the sources said.

    Also on the agenda during the visit will be exchanges between their armies and air forces and the promotion of bilateral cooperation on sea lane security, according to the sources.

    Morimoto's visit is aimed at strengthening Japan's military ties with India amid heightened tensions between Japan and China over the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea, and an increase in Beijing's maritime activity in the Indian Ocean.

    Japan and India must promote security cooperation by keeping an eye on China, a senior Defense Ministry official said in Tokyo.

    Morimoto will be the first Japanese defense minister to visit India since Toshimi Kitazawa went there in April 2010.

    Defense chief to visit India to boost ties amid China rise | The Japan Times Online
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    when i first read his name i thought it was Santosh Marimuthu

    this is solid news in the right direction .- i believe all of us indians have a great deal to observe about the japanese unity and respsect tor their nation, people culture language , indeed everything japanese

    and japan in return has a substantial amount to observe about from india with regards to becoming a "larger" nation ( in many respects ) - their only drawback being small IMHO

    anyway welcome to india - Santosh !

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