Indian BSF delegation arrives at Rangers HQ

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    LAHORE: Delegation of Indian Border Security Force (BSF) arrived at Rangers Head quarters through Wagha border Lahore on Tuesday.

    The Indian delegation, under the supervision of Director General (DG) BSF Shri Raman Srivastav, would attend a bi-annual meeting with Pakistan Rangers. Pakistani delegation would be headed Punjab Rangers DG Maj Gen Muhammad Yaqub.

    The Pakistan Rangers DG said that smuggling, illegal border crossing, violation of border, ground rules and other issues would be taken up in the meeting. He said that relations between Pakistan and India could not be improved untill the Kashmir and water issues were resolved.

    Srivastav said that Pakistan Rangers had done well to stop border crimes and terrorism. He said that the meeting would be fruitful for both the countries.
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    Pak-India ties interlinked with settlement of Kashmir issue: DG Pak Rangers

    LAHORE: Major General Muhammad Yaqoob Director General Pak rangers said that Pak-India ties could not be improved until settlement of outstanding issues between the two countries especially Kashmir issue.

    Major General Muhammad Yaqoob DG Pak ranger expressed these views while talking to media before five-day dialogue between BSF and Pak rangers. He said that he would ask Indian delegation to release innocent Pakistanis imprisoned in India.

    He said that all outstanding issues including border crossing, illegal smuggling, crossing and violation of cease-fire would come under discussion during the dialogue. He said that two rounds of debates were held between the forces of both the countries, which were proving successful to some extent.

    He said that issues like border crossing, illegal smuggling, indiscriminate firing by Indian forces on working boundary and violation of cease-fire would come under discussion during the dialogue between BSF and Pak rangers here in Lahore.

    Answering to question he replied that during dialogue issue of releasing Pakistanis imprisoned in India would be raised. He said that if any person accidentally crosses the border then border forces keep him in custody only for 24 hours and after that he is handed over to police and then the matter is forwarded to foreign ministry.

    He said that he had said to BSF to hand over those Pakistanis who accidentally crossed the border while the same issue would be raised in recent dialogue.

    The 19-member delegation of BSF headed by Inspector General BSF Sri Raman reached in Lahore. Talking to media Inspector General BSF Sri Raman said “We come here with open mind and try to bring improvement in ties between both the countries”.

    Meanwhile, five-day meeting amongst border security forces has started in Lahore during which issues related to border fencing and transfer of prisoners would come under discussion.

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