Indian Army's New Offensive Doctrine

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    India’s Offensive New Strategy

    It may have gone largely unnoticed in the mainstream Pakistani media, but the Indian Army recently undertook a massive reorganization by formalizing its Long Term Integrated Perspective Plan 2012 – 2027 (LTIPP).
    The planned new raisings would add about 100,000 troops to the existing Indian Army deployments aimed at the Chinese in the northeast of the country. To justify such restructuring, the Indian Army has said it would now be capable of meeting challenges on both the western and eastern fronts as part of a new pro-active strategy.

    All this marks a shift from a strategy that dates back to the early 1980s, when the Indian government issued a classified political directive to its armed forces instructing them to maintain a strategic posture of ‘dissuasive deterrence’ against Pakistan and ‘dissuasive defence’ towards China. India’s strategic philosophy at the time was that while the threat from China was seen as minimal (up until the turn of this century, at least) Pakistan should be marginalized and its capabilities reduced through political, diplomatic, military and economic means. The idea was that when the threat from China eventually emerged, India would no longer be faced with a two-front war.

    A good article which explains the change of strategy to active deterrence and its implications.


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