India will offer Varunastra Torpedo to Vietnam

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    India firming up military ties with Vietnam will offer Varunastra Torpedo


    India is firming up several military contracts with Vietnam — with progress on at least two major naval projects — weeks ahead of a crucial verdict in the Hague on Beijing’s territorial claims in the South China Sea. Besides renewed discussions on the Brahmos missile system — a versatile missile that can operate both as a ship killer and a shoreattack weapon — two projects that will add more firepower to Vietnam People’s Navy are now in the final stages. India is set to assist Vietnam in weaponising two of its Petya class frigates for an anti-submarine role. The frigates, which were procured from Russia, have been operating with reduced capabilities and Vietnam is keen to get them modernised to meet the challenging requirements its navy faces in the region. Sources have told ET that the package to upgrade the ships would include a new sonar syst e m , t o r pedo launchers, a fire control system and a new antisubmarine rocket launcher system.

    While Vietnam has a total of five Petya class frigates, the initial order is to upgrade two and a larger contract may come up at a later stage. The initial contract is expected to be close to Rs 200 crore. Vietnam is also set to get at least 10 new patrol boats from India under the line of credit route. Sources said that a contract for at least 10 new interceptor craft to be built by L&T is in the pipeline and is expected to be finalised shortly. The interceptor craft, a version of which is also being used by the Indian Coast Guard, are designed to meet coastal surveillance and security requirements. The contract, valued at around Rs 600 crore, could be inked within the next three months.

    Besides, India and Vietnam have had ‘fruitful’ discussions on the possible sale of high-speed heavy weight torpedo ‘Varunastra’, which has recently been inducted into the Indian Navy as well. India is seeking to export the torpedo — designed for both anti-submarine and surface ships operations — and Vietnam is a lead contender. Senior defence ministry officials told ET that the ‘Varunastra’ was discussed at length during the visit of defence minister Manohar Parrikar to Vietnam in June. “They are certainly interested in the torpedo. In the recent visit they showed interest in acquiring it as they have a large demand for such torpedoes. Now that it has been inducted into the Indian Navy, we will take this forward,” a senior defence ministry official who was part of the Indian delegation told ET.


    First Brahmos and now this heavy weight Torpedo.Good step by India.

    Chinese arrogance in South China needs to be controlled.

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    Don't forget the Naval patrol vessels to be built by L&T & supplied to Vietnam.
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    Philippines may also choose Varunsashtra for their Kamorta class frigates.

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