India, US to hold talks on China next week

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    India, US to hold talks on China next week - The Times of India on Mobile

    NEW DELHI: As India and China head towards a political stand-off on a border incursion by Chinese troops in Ladakh, India and the US will discuss coordinating moves on China.

    Next week, Gautam Bambawale, joint secretary (east Asia) in the ministry of external affairs (MEA), will lead a team of senior officials to Washington DC for a bi-annual dialogue on east Asia. While the conversation is generally dominated by sharing assessments on China, this dialogue acquires extra significance this time, given the state of play on the Sino-Indian border. The US side will be led by Joe Yun, who is the acting chief of the US State Department's crucial East Asia bureau after Kurt Campbell, the dynamic assistant secretary resigned in the second Obama administration.

    Chinese troops advanced 19 km inside Indian territory on April 15, and since then there has been a stand-off in eastern Ladakh. While the posture has been largely non-aggressive, Indian and Chinese troops are now standing face-to-face just about 100 metres apart on the icy heights. So far, the Chinese are staying put, refusing to budge, while India is trying all diplomatic ways to get them to move. It's unclear whether India will ask the US to help in resolving the stand-off.

    Separately, Indian and US officials will meet their Japanese counterparts in Washington as well for the next round of the trilateral dialogue. All three countries will be looking to work together in south-east Asia, particularly Myanmar. Japan has returned to Myanmar with a lot of development aid, while India already has a substantial presence inside the country. The effort of all three countries is not only to coordinate their development efforts, like pooling resources for infrastructure development in Myanmar. The strategic effort is also to limit growing Chinese influence in Myanmar.
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    So... only Philippines and Vietnam left to encircle China. If US is in, I guess SoKo is in as well.
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    wrong again? SK Preaident will visit China soon as her 2nd destination after inauguration.

    SK has taken the same stance as China towards Japan over territorial spats and JP denial of WW2 war crimes. CJK summit was even cancelled.

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