India, UK Inch Towards Collaborative Defence R&D

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    ndia and United Kingdom entered into a letter of arrangement today to pursue collaborative Defence R&D Cooperation with UK’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) and facilitate making best use of respective research and technology development capability through joint projects, collaborative research and industry and academia participation. The LOA was signed in London by Dr VK Saraswat, Scientific Adviser to the Raksha Mantri, Secretary Defence R&D and Director General Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), India and Professor Sir Mark Welland, Chief Scientific Adviser (CSA), Ministry of Defence, United Kingdom. Dr VK Saraswat is currently on a visit to UK on the invitation of UK Ministry of Defence.

    The signing of LOA marks an important milestone in the technical collaboration between the two countries and a number of projects are being planned to commence in coming months.

    On the occasion, Sir Mark Welland thanked Dr Saraswat for his efforts towards strengthening the relationship with India. He said, “I have seen the exceptional dedication, expertise and skill in DRDO personnel and know that UK can look forward to a productive and valuable cooperation with our great allies in India for many years to come”. He added, “India and UK have a strong history of mutual cooperation and have thriving science and engineering communities. India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and is a powerhouse of technology”. He said that “Indian and British Defence scientists will be working together on technologies to face their country’s Defence and Security challenges, thanks to the new agreement”. Dr Saraswat thanked CSA and UK MOD on behalf of the Government of India and expressed hope that LOA will further strengthen the technical collaboration and mutual relations.
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    Bring them into engine research...they have a lot of experience to share.

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    why are they interested in collaborating with India when they are in NATO and collaborate with USA for most big projects(F35 etc..)??
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    They want to cooperate since they understand that India is going to spend billions of dollars in purchase and development of new and existing military hardware, and are keen to get their hands on that lucrative market in which they currently have a very small share. Its natural, since everybody wants to enter the Indian defense market. Joint development and R&D leads to lower production and research costs since India will be sharing the bill just like we are doing for the Brahmos, FGFA and the RTA with the Russians.

    And anyway, there's a lot that we can learn from the British. Especially naval technology, aeronautical technology and other areas. Of special interest to me is British ASW technology which is considered the best in the world since they were one of the pioneers in that field. ASW tech is very crucial for our future requirements.
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    seeing Indo-russian partnership in which India funds most of the R&D, brits too want the same model replicated with brit in loo. if possible india should fund the projects and gain experience from them.
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