India purchasing 4100 Milan 2T Anti Tank Guided Missiles

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    This is a dangerous threat to Pakistani Armored Forces.

    What steps is Pakistan taking to neutralize this dangerous threat?

    Indian Army to Purchase 4100 Milan 2T Anti Tank Guided Missiles in USD 120 million Deal | India Defence

    Times of India reports that the Indian Army has gone in for an urgent order of 4,100 French-origin Milan-2T anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs). Defence ministry sources said the Rs 592-crore (USD 120 million approx.) order for 4,100 Milan-2T missiles was cleared after 26/11, with the government finally fast-tracking several military procurement plans.

    MILAN 2T is manufactured by the European defense giant MBDA which is also involved in few other defense deals with the Indian government. MBDA is a missile manufacturer with operations in France, Germany, Italy and Britain.

    India and Pakistan are currently reorganising their mechanised forces to achieve strategic mobility and high-volume firepower for rapid thrusts into enemy territory. India has plans to progressively induct as many as 1,657 Russian-origin T-90S main-battle tanks (MBTs), apart from the ongoing upgradation of its T-72 fleet.

    But with Pakistan looking to procure T-84 MBTs from Ukraine to bolster its already strong fleet of T-80UD, Al-Khalid and other tanks, India wants its infantry battalions to have potent anti-armour capabilities.

    This can be gauged from the fact that the latest order for 4,100 advanced Milan-2T missiles with tandem warheads to replenish the Army's dwindling ATGM stock comes barely a few months after the Rs 1,380-crore contract for a staggering 15,000 Konkurs-M missiles. Defence PSU Bharat Dynamics Ltd (BDL), incidentally, manufactures variants of the second-generation 2-km-range Milan and 4-km-range Konkurs ATGMs, under licence from French and Russian companies, at around Rs 4.50 lakh per unit.

    As for the third-generation Nag ATGM, with a 4-km strike range, Army has already placed an initial order for 443 missiles and 13 Namicas (Nag missile tracked carriers). But the Nag is still to become fully operational almost two decades after it was first tested.

    DRDO contends that Phase-I of Nag's user-trials were successfully completed last month, with Phase-II now slated for May-June. "Pre-production of Nag is underway at BDL. It's is a fire-and-forget missile, with potent top-attack capability to hit a tank's vulnerable upper portion like the gun turret,'' said an official.

    Moreover, Nag's range will be extended to over 7-km in its airborne version named "Helina'', to be fitted on "Dhruv'' Advanced Light Helicopters, each configured to carry eight missiles in two launchers. Incidentally, Nag is the only "core missile system'' of India's original Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme (IGMDP), launched way back in 1983, whose development work is yet to be completed.

    The IGMDP was closed in December 2007 after DRDO declared development work on all other missiles ― Agni, Prithvi, Akash and Trishul ― was over. While work on strategic nuclear-capable missiles like Agni-III (3,500-km range) and Agni-V (over 5,000-km) is being "undertaken in-house'', India is now increasingly look at foreign collaboration in other armament projects to cut delays.
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    if there are any anti-anti tank guided missiles in the market then they will order 500*4100 of them. Actually they think Al-Khalid is the best tank in the world, so I don't think they will worry about this.
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    ATGMs: DPSU unions deciding defence purchases?

    11 Aug 2010 8ak: Great article from Rahul Singh in HT covering a CAG report that public sector Bharat Dynamics Ltd (BDL ) and its unions coerced the Ministry of Defence to buy sub-standard Milan Anti-tank Guided Missiles (ATGMs). This seriously compromises India's security needs and endangers the lives of the soldiers and another case of the MoD putting the interests of the public sector units ahead of the nation. Industry sources say that a major reason for this is that the MoD's Joint Secretaries also sit on the board of the DPSUs who will go out of their way to shower favours on the JS's who then ensure the DPSUs get the most lucrative contracts.

    A Bharat Dynamics representative at a recent conference confirmed that India is actively working on its own man-portable version of the NAG ATGM. While there is some information on the NAMICA bourne and Helina, the helicopter version development there is little information on the man-portable version. Other DRDO and BDL sources also confirmed the foreign participation French/Israeli (possibly Rafael/Thales) in provision on the seeker technology for the missiles and that the integration of a millimetric wave (mmW) seeker is proving to be very tough not only for India but its global vendors as well. However a DRDO representative admitted that they had only recently started a serious development effort. He then went on to offend various foreign vendors by claiming that the Indian ATGM was the best in the world. A foreign vendor complained that "The Indian effort is commendable but putting down our products with unsubstantiated claims shows poorly on DRDO".

    The desirability of indigenous development has so far thwarted a serious foreign purchase but the army and MoD have in late July decided to go ahead with a Javelin purchase that the Americans had demonstrated at their joint exercise Yudh Abhyas 2009. Competing for this was the Israeli Rafael's Spike missile which some people believe is even more advanced. However, an earlier 8ak article had pointed out that at a recent Spike demonstration in Peru, the missile had misfired and could have killed the senior defence administration of the South American nation. The DefenseNews article above states that the Javelin was chosen over the Spike since the Pakistanis had it on their wishlist as well.

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    It was always there:

    Plus 30,000 Milan-1, Plus 5000 AT-14 which i consider more deadly than MILAN 2T even 3..

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