India, Iran cooperation can help regional peace: Ahmadinejad

Discussion in 'Foreign Relations' started by Galaxy, Nov 7, 2011.

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    India, Iran cooperation can help regional peace: Ahmadinejad


    Tehran, Nov 6 (IANS) Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said that cooperation between India and Iran on regional issues can help peace and stability in the region, Mehr news agency reported Sunday.

    Ahmadinejad made the remarks during a meeting with visiting Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar in Tehran Saturday, Xinhua quoted the report as stating.

    The Iranian president emphasised the need to increase bilateral scientific and technological cooperation between Iran and India and welcomed the participation of Indian companies in road construction and energy projects in Iran, said the report.

    Meanwhile, Meira Kumar said India is keen to expand relations with Iran.

    Collaboration between Iran and India can enhance stability and increase the security of the region, she added.

    India, Iran cooperation can help regional peace: Ahmadinejad - *
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    That there is not doubt about. But the bone of contention is Irans nuke program and if Iran is right about having peaceful intentions about its nuke program then it should invite Indian mediation and monitoring, help in its nuke program. That will open up the doors to a rapproachment with the US too.
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    ^^^Easier thing to do is topple the existing government in Iran. Their intentions are not peaceful.
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    I do not want India to fall into the same trap as the US (and China is falling into) thinking it can bully other nations in such a manner. Would you accept it if any nation did the same in India?

    As much as you insist their intentions are not peaceful, are ANY of the current nuclear powers seeking so purely for a 'peaceful' reason? Even our own nuclear program is used as much for deterrence as it is for energy.

    Far better to be friendly (and hence work and influence the government in a friendly manner) rather than impose a diktat as other world 'leaders' are doing.
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    ^^ World isn't politically correct. It is rational. A non-nuclear Iran commented on our state of J&K. Once Pakistan fails and collapses tomorrow, the last thing we'd want is another nuclear Islamist state replacing Pakistan. While I personally am all for cooperation with Iran but for the interest of Iranian people (they are virtually living in a prison--- this is not US propaganda but the truth if you ask those Iranians who come out to live in western countries escaping via Dubai and other middle eastern countries). This stupid mulla regime is going to take another million innocent and brainwashed Iranian youth down the drain like how it did in Iran-Iraq war.

    Just check Iran's aviation safety record. Their commercial planes are in the shape of our MiG-21s. Iran ranks amongst the most accident prone countries in the world just because of it stupid mulla regime's arrogance on not going with the flow. They are paranoid as if USA and Europe will devour them if they stop being their anti-West mindset. This idiotic posturing has been costing the lives of their civilians for so many years. Rather than gradual transition, they made such a shocking transition that most of their planes are of Shah-era.

    This is just one example of how dangerous the mulla regime is to Iranian people itself. 90% of Iranians despise the regime; they can't say it inside Iran so we don't know; but just ask anyone who's just come outside Iran as a refugee or as a permanent resident of some western nation; he/she will tell you.

    While we must not politically interfere in their internal matter, we must be careful of the mullas; they have an uncanny ability to do the U-turn and go suicidally wrong in foreign policy, taking their partners down along with their own nation. So it is better for us if this regime topples.

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