Hypersonic Glide Vehicle: China, US, and Russia

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    In the arms race for military supremacy, China is currently the leader in hypersonic glide vehicle (HGV) technology. HGV is important, because it allows for the hypersonic delivery of a thermonuclear warhead on a non-ballistic trajectory. By gliding on a flattened flight path, HGVs cannot be stopped by any existing missile defense system.

    China is the leader in HGV technology. According to the Washington Free Beacon, China had six successful HGV flight tests. IHS Jane's claims five of six Chinese HGV tests were successful.

    The United States is in second place. There were two partially successful tests and one failure.

    The Russian Yu-71 HGV failed in its test. No successful test(s) have been reported.


    Stratcom: China Moving Rapidly to Deploy New Hypersonic Glider - Washington Free Beacon


    US officials confirm sixth Chinese hypersonic manoeuvring strike vehicle test | IHS Jane's 360




    Russia Tested Hypersonic Glide Vehicle in February - Washington Free Beacon


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