Hafiz Saeed: An Incendiary Spokesman of ISI

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    Hafiz Saeed: An Incendiary Spokesman of ISI
    Saturday, September 26, 2015 by Indiandefense News

    ISI groomed and backed Hafiz Saeed, the co-founder of banned Laskhar-e-Taiba (LeT) and at present Chief of Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) who had killed hundreds of innocents Indians in Kashmir attacks as well as in 26/11 Mumbai blasts is considered as a "Good Terrorist" because he killed Indians
    . On the other hand, Malik Ishaq, Chief of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, was "Bad Terrorist" in the eyes of Pakistan's military and security establishment because he had killed hundreds of Pakistanis in Pakistan.

    This is reason that Malik Ishaq was shot dead on July 25, 2015 by the Punjab (Pakistan) Police in Muzaffargarh whereas Grand Master of international terrorism Hafiz Seed is leading a cozy life at Muridke, about 30 kms from Lahore under the watchful eyes of ISI.

    Hafiz Saeed, in an interview (June 4, 2015) to 'The Diplomat', a current affairs magazine for Asia-Pacific, had stated that Kashmir issue was the only reason he hated India and once issue was resolved he would not harbor any hatred any more. But will the ISI allow Hafeez Saeed to stop hating India even Kashmir issue is settled, answer is big no because he is a ISI stooge.

    Hafiz Saeed, a militant prodigy of late ISI Chief Hamid Gul is a 'Suitable Boy' of Pakistani military establishment. He helps Pakistani military and civil hawks in carrying out militant attacks in India and keeping the Kashmir issue alive amongst Kashmiris and Kashmir crazy Pakistanis. Hafiz Saeed, who is internationally designated terrorist and carries a bounty of US$ 10 million on him, is compatible to ISI and Pakistan Army's concept of 'Jihad' in Kashmir.

    While Pakistan's political leadership treats Kashmir as a core issue between India and Pakistan and Pakistan army considers Kashmir as an "unfinished agenda", Hafiz Saeed in a step ahead of both, considered Kashmir as a "one of core issues of Islamic Ummah". He declared the Kashmir issue was not a dispute between Pakistan and India but an issue pertaining to the entire Muslim world. Apparently Hafiz Saeed like anti-Indian overtures are aimed to cull support as well as money from petro-dollar rich Sheikhs of Saudi Arabia and some other Gulf states.

    Hafiz Saeed served his ISI masters as well as Pakistani political leadership extremely well to garner anti-Indian support of Pakistani masses, especially of youth, on Kashmir issue and any Indo-Pak bilateral issue, which is not suitable to Pakistan army and politicians. Since Pakistan's military leadership, particularly ISI was not in favour of talks between National Security Advisors of India and Pakistan scheduled for August 24, 2015 without including Kashmir issue in their agenda, Hafiz Saeed, even before talks could held, had launched (July 30, 2015) a nationwide movement to protect the ideology of Pakistan and in guise of it he lashed out Nawaz Sharif government for taking so-called unilateral action for the betterment of relations with India and in his number of speeches at various places said that such actions by Nawaz Sharif government had demoralized Kashmiri people who had been fighting for their so-called "freedom from India".

    Hafiz Saeed meddles in the affairs of Kashmir unblushingly on almost daily basis to mislead Kashmiris and people of Pakistan unblushingly on behalf of his ISI masters. He had sharply reacted (Lahore, August 17, 2015) over the arrest of Syeda Aasiya Andrabi, Chief of a Kashmiri women's organization called 'Dukhtaran-e-Milat' (DeM) for hoisting Pakistani flag in Srinagar on August 14, 2015 on Pakistan's independence day and also telephonically addressing a meeting of Jammat-ud-Dawa (JuD) in Lahore.

    Hafiz Saeed described Syeda's arrest as an "act of terrorism" against Kashmiris, who were inter alia raising their voice for freedom from India. Hafiz Saeed obtusely claimed that since Kahsmir was a disputed area and not part of India so it was legal right of Syeda Andrabi to host Pakistani flag in Kahsmir. He further claimed that as India could not suppress the so called "independence movement" of Kashmiris even with cruelty and army power, it was natural for Kashmiris to hoist Pakistani flags.

    Even when Jammu and Kashmir High Court enforced (September 10, 2015) a statewide ban on the sale of beef, Hafiz Saeed had declared (Lahore, September 18, 2015) that Kashmiris would defy this ban and cow would be sacrificed in all cities of Kashmir on Eid-ul-Azha on September 25, 2015.
    Meanwhile, in his subsequent address to JuD workers and his party supporters at Jamia al-Qudsia mosque in Lahore, Hafiz Saeed reacted sharply over Kashmiri youth's unrest in Srinagar and asked India to stop brutality on them and let the Kashmiris decide their fate. Hafiz Saeed claimed that since whole Kashmir resounded with pro-Pakistan slogans and anti-Indian slogans, the international community should not put a deaf ear to voice of Kashmiris who were struggling for their freedom India.

    He added that while India claimed to be biggest democracy in the world, it was scare of giving democratic right of so called self determination to Kashmiris. He also warned India that a storm would sweep the entire country if the Kashmiris were denied their right of self-determination.
    The extent of spreading hatred against India amongst Pakistanis and Kashmiris by Hafiz Saeed to shroud Pakistan in its military's failure to check terrorism in the country can be gauged from the fact that he is always available to his ISI masters to blame India for such horrific incidents occurring in Pakistan.

    After an armed attack (September 18, 2015) on Peshawar airbase by a group of fourteen militants belonging to Tehrik-e-Taliban, Pakistan(TTP) killing over forty persons, Hafiz Saeed, on the same day of incident, had alleged in a video message that India's intelligence agency, Research and Analysis Wing(R&AW) was behind the Peshawar air base attacks. :bs:

    He also accused India of trying to make the Pakistan a "War Zone" and called upon the Pakistan government not to negotiate peace with India. He further alleged that Indian intelligence agencies were involved in disrupting peace in Pakistan and called upon all Pakistanis to get united against it. Hafiz Saeed further exhorted that independence of Kashmir was a solution and answer to such conspiracies of Indian intelligence agencies against Pakistan.

    Before attack on Peshawar air base, when TTP militants had attacked Army Public School at Peshawar (December 16, 2014) killing 130 students and 20 others, Hafiz Saeed had blamed India on a national television for the massacre of school children and vowed revenge with Mumbai like terror attacks on India. He had also described India as a "terrorist state". As expected, not a single Pakistani politician had condemned Hafiz Saeed's remarks knowing that he was speaking on behalf of his ISI masters.

    Hafiz Saeed can be found always forthcoming to threaten India on behalf of Pakistani military hawks. While addressing a rally (Lahore, August 13, 2015) of JuD workers, he had again threatened terror attacks against India and warned that Indians had to die for the peace and stability of Asia and the world. He also added that it was important to eliminate India for the global peace. Later, while addressing his followers in a 'madrassa' at Peshawar, Hafiz Saeed had further alleged that India's intelligence agency, Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW) had created a special cell to obstruct Pakistan-China's multi billion economic corridors.

    Pakistan government, at the behest of ISI has been allowing Hafiz Saeed to carry on anti-Indian militant activities as he is a "valuable asset" to Pakistan's military establishment. The arrest of Hafiz Saeed's founded Lashkar-e-Taiba trained and infiltrated two Pakistani terrorists Naveed and Javed Ahmed in August 2015 in Kashmir along with their six Indian Kashmiri accomplices is glaring example of Pakistan's turning eyes on the real issue of cross border terrorism.

    Meanwhile, Lt. General Satish Dua, the General Officer Commanding (GOC) of the Indian army's 15 Corps revealed (Srinagar, September 22, 2015) that over one thousand Pakistani terrorists, trained in 17 camps across Pakistan were attempting to cross over to Jammu and Kashmir and there were 23 launching pads in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) for pushing over 300 terrorists into Kashmir valley.

    Pakistan's ISI is perpetuating terrorism in its neighbouring India through internationally renowned terrorist Hafiz Saeed. Through Hafiz Saeed ISI is also indulging in anti-Indian tirade, particularly on Kashmir issue. Ironically Pakistan still yells that it is victim of terrorism, which is difficult to digest by anyone in the Indian sub-continent, including by Pakistanis.

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    Hafiz Saeed is a Pussy.

    The reason he is untouchable in Pakistan is similar to because he is a political figure who involves in charity work across that country.

    For poor mullahs if their gastronomical needs and a few bashing words on India/Hindus would be more satisfying. They are not bothered about the rest. They are innocent and stupid.

    To change this mindset they have come out of madrassa education and embrace modern education which is never gonna happen. So Pakistan will remain a perpetual enemy of India even if they eat grass and sand for supper.

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