Galileo operational early 2014

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    Galileo operational early 2014

    Current Affairs -- 07 January 2010 -- 13:40CEST


    The European Commission has awarded 3 of the 6 contracts for the procurement of its satellite navigation system, Galileo, putting it on track for launch in early 2014.

    The €85 million contract awarded to ThalesAleniaSpace is for the system support services. The signing of a framework contract in December with both OHB System AG and EADS-Astrium GmBH, both of Germany, paved the way for the eventual provision of a maximum of 32 satellites. The first OHB order, for 14 satellites, has a value of €566 million. The remaining satellites will be procured from either OHB or EADS-Astrium GmBH depending on which company provides the most advantageous offer. The Commission intends to follow a strategy of double sourcing to lower risks, particularly in terms of delivery timings, and increase flexibility.

    The €397 million contract with Arianespace covers the launch of 5 Soyuz launchers, each carrying 2 satellites. The first launch is scheduled for October 2012.

    The Open Service, the Public Regulated Service and the Search and Rescue Service will be provided as of early 2014.

    The Safety-of-Life Service and the Commercial Service will be tested as of 2014 and will be provided as Galileo reaches full operational capability with a constellation of 30 satellites.

    The remaining contracts, for the ground mission infrastructure, the ground control infrastructure and the operations, should be awarded by mid-2010.

    For more information about Galileo, visit .

    Photo: Courtesy of European Space Agency

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    I heard the frequency used by Galileo and Compass(China GPS) is the same. How can they solve this conflict?

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