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    Agni series from 3000-5000km.
    Trident completed, air launch, land launch, ship and sub launch ready or about to inducted. ATV is about to power up.
    Brahmos, we are going to make modification to SU 30 MKI that shows our confidence for air launch version.
    Astra: trials going on.
    Radar: Indian radars are replacing most of the radars of arms forces. Each one of them meet the requirements and compared with best in the world with accuracy and performance.
    Sonar: all ships will have Indian radar (recent ones). sonar and decoy for all the needs of navy.
    Electronic warfare system: army, navy.
    Electro optics and communication: major challenges, variety systems have been developed. Briefcase teriminal that PM carries have been developed.
    Arjun, bridge system , Pinaka system, (production capability is challenging)
    Ammunition: MK2 for Arjun under development. NBC tech, DRDO sensors compare to best in the world, sometimes ahead of them.
    MBT Arjun Mark 1-2, 1400 hp, Arjun is much better then T90S.
    Problem is how to sustain the lines with such a small numbers.
    LCA 20-25 years of effort, we have 4+ generation of aircraft. Looking for 200 LCA MK1/2
    LRSAM: 75 km. Astra for SU 30 trial. AWACs, SATCOM, all develop in India, its unique system, by the end of year it will meet all the parameters.
    Rustam 2 first flight by the end of year. Electro optic system. LCA MK2 meeting user requirement.

    Air to ground anti radiation missile.

    Long range under water missile, EW for navy, we are going for high end systems. Wire guided torpedo for 50 kms. Army has slow and less interaction. Artillery gun project started. Industry-DRDO effort. Pinaka Mark 2 and then 3. FMBT 4 man crew is not right, two man crew, much lighter, much capable to defend.
    Defence World: Arjun MK-III My Concept
    my concept in Sep 2008, are they reading my blog and this forum :namaste:

    unmanned vehicle, no one talk to us. Tank, once we agree with Army for FMBT. Ships and subs, made in India, nuke subs we are making in country. Their is change from Import to indigenous.
    Missile, Akash MK2: What is needed for tomorows aircraft. Pinaka, MK3, should be able to take guided route to imported.

    Radars, we dont have to depended on anyone. Communication system, software defend radio EW systems are indigenous. We have taken major steps, so that our self reliance keep on improving. We need major effort. Time frame is 10 or less years.

    1. We dont produce any engine of any kind. Kaveri development, particularly for UAV, diesel for 1500 hp, We dont have chips and wafers
    Material is our weakness. We have to create cabilities in these area. Seekers are the area where we lack, imaging infra seekers confidence; RF seekers, lacking, detectors, looking for International collaboration.

    We have only one missile test range, that too in pressure, no EW test range, tank test range, cyber range, floating test range, BMD test range, fabs for optical test range. only one ammunition test range, that too under pressure. We need to enhance precession manufacturing tech. Sanctions are their. Industry R&D is not their.
    Entire defence industry employ only 3000 people, so low base, only way to expand is to have defence capabilities created and have civil use for it. We must have national commitment for Indigenous defense tech.

    Rest later
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    Thanks man. Saved me a lot of time:nod:
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    It would be dangerous for country.

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