Chinese Arms Agents Smuggle Weapons Into India

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    Union Home Secretary G K Pillai today admitted that Chinese arms agents smuggle weapons into India after entering the country through Myanmar and Bangkok and supply them to insurgent groups.

    "There is a lot of arms smuggling by Chinese arms agents, who come to India mainly through Myanmar and Bangkok. Most insurgent groups get weapons of Chinese origin through these arms agents," he said to a query by reporters on the sidelines of a private college day function here.

    To another question, he reiterated his recent statement at a CII function at Delhi that many industries buy peace with Maoists by paying them off as they feel the government is not able to provide them area security. "The Maoists are primarily interested in extortion of money rather any ideological principles", he said.

    On whether there was any proposal to redeploy the Army in Kashmir as there were reports about Chinese troops being seen there, he said "we've got forces, both the Indian Army and BSF deployed at LoC.We have no proposal to reduce any of that."

    He said this was the time when infiltration was increasing.

    "We are much more vigilant, will possibly strengthen forces on the border to stop infiltration."

    To another question Indo-Pak peace initiative during the World Cup, he said "We have had good talks. I think there has been some forward movement. We will take that forward as much as we can. I am quite hopeful".

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