China sends dissidents on free holidays

Discussion in 'China' started by Ray, Jun 27, 2014.

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    A fascinating way to bribe one's way to ensure silence.

    Innovative, even though expensive.

    But then want is money when it keeps the mouth shut so that China can project 'stability and harmony' and all is well to domestic and international watchers.

    Dissenters are unkind to the benevolence of the Communist to keep the Communist Party meeting from the harm's way of the dissenters. After all, the Communist Party should not be damaged by the dissenters, right?

    Imagine the fun and games the dissenters had all because they were being pains in the ar** to the champions of the poor - the Chinese Communist Party.

    The dissenters call it forced holiday?

    Imagine lavish hotel rooms and food and travel!

    Have a heart, the Communist Party even provided police protection.

    How more ungrateful can people be?

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