China and Russia back India on supporting Sheikh Hasina government

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    China and Russia back India on supporting Sheikh Hasina government

    NEW DELHI: India has received a shot in the arm with Russia and China supporting its stand that the return of Sheikh Hasina government in Bangladesh after the recent polls has strengthened prospects of stability in the region.

    Officials said representatives of the two countries backed India's stance at a recent meeting convened by foreign secretary Sujatha Singh of envoys of key countries including permanent members of UN Security Council.

    While Russia has traditionally supported India's views on Bangladesh, China's stand could have been shaped by its desire to join regional efforts to combat radical groups due to the rise of religious extremism in its Xinjiang province, they said.

    Singh had met the envoys in Delhi to discuss the importance of stabi lity in Bangladesh and the dangers posed by the growth of radical forces led by Jamaat-e-Islami.

    The January 5 elections were marred by violence attributed to Jamaat while the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) boycotted the elections. The low turnout in elections is not an indicator of the government's stability, officials said, citing the experience of Western countries.

    However, the United States continues to have differences with India on the political landscape in Bangladesh and considers Jamaat as a 'moderate Islamic force', officials said.

    The European Union, on the other hand, recently passed a resolution in its Parliament calling upon authorities to "investigate links between banned terrorists and sectarian outfits like Jamaat-e-Islami and Hefazate-Islam".

    This was much to comfort of India, which has been at the receiving end of Jamaat's extremism. India is also worried over the recent poll-related violence that has targeted religious minorities in Bangladesh.

    China and Russia back India on supporting Sheikh Hasina government - Economic Times
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    Interesting turn of events.
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    i hope this is the reason for recent death sentences for extremists in Bangladesh........

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