AVIC releases outlook on China's civil aircraft market

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    AVIC releases outlook on China's civil aircraft market

    2011-10-12 (China Military News cited from chinadaily.com.cn) -- The Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) issued the China Market Outlook for Civil Aircraft (2011-2030) issued at the Beijing Airshow.

    It is forecasted that the annual growth rate of revenue passenger kilometer (RPK) will be 8.1% from 2011-2030, and reaches 1.9 trillion passenger kilometers by 2030, which is around 4.7 times of that in 2010.

    The freight ton kilometer (FTK) will see an annual growth rate of 9% in the same period, slightly higher than the growth rate of RPK, will reach 99.6 billion ton kilometers by the end of 2030, which is around 5.6 times of that in 2010.

    In order to meet the demands of air traffic growth, it is forecasted that the total passenger fleet of Chinese airlines will reach up to 5,118 and the freighter fleet will reach 722 by 2030.

    Due to the growth of fleet and retirement of old aircraft, it is forecasted that 4,583 additional civil passenger aircraft will join China's fleet including 3,682 large passenger jetliners and 901 regional aircraft for the next 20 years.

    Airlines in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are not included in this forecast.

    The total revenue ton kilometer (RTK), RPK and FTK for China air transportation have accomplished a growth of 26.1%, 16.1% and 26.4% respectively over the previous year.

    Over the past decade, the total passenger turnover has maintained an annual growth of 15.3%, around three times to the world average for the same period.

    The fleet size for air transportation has grown from 527 units at the beginning of this century to 1593 units in 2010, and the number of airports has increased from 139 in 2000 to 175 in 2010.

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