At 16, Brit boy youngest ‘seven summit’ climber

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    At 16, Brit boy youngest ‘seven summit’ climber
    28 may 2011

    KATHMANDU: A 16-year-old British schoolboy became the youngest person ever to climb the highest mountains on all seven continents when he ascended Mount Everest, the tallest of them, on Thursday, his organisers said.

    George Atkinson from Surbiton climbed the 8,850 metre (29,035 feet) Everest summit on Thursday from the Tibetan side of the mountain that abuts Nepal and China, British hiking group Adventure Peaks said on its website.

    Atkinson was three days short of his 17th birthday when he reached the top of Everest, beating the previous record holder American Johnny Collinson's feat of ascending all seven summits when he was 17.

    "George Atkinson broke the world record for being the youngest to complete the seven summits," the agency said adding " it's an incredible achievement".

    Source: The Times of India

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