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    Radhika Apte is a young and talented painter who exhibits her paintings in art exhibitions . She is hot and sexy and likes to wear exposing clothes , especially because she has the body to show off . But after an art exhibition she is a victim of attempted rape in a taxi . Because of this she develops psychological problems---specifically agoraphobia , which is an irrational fear of open spaces . So she remains locked up in her house all the time , fearing to go out . Her sister gets fed up of her fears and so Radhika's boyfriend ( Satyadeep Mishra ) shifts Radhika out of her apartment to another house .

    Here she gets acquainted with new neighbours---specifically a young girl ( Yashaswini Dayama ) and a man ( Ankur Vikal ) . She and the girl quickly become friends , but she is convinced that Ankur has murdered his girlfriend (Amrit Bagchi ) in whose now empty apartment she has shifted in . This is because she has found the girlfriend's diary and it's notes convince her that she was killed .

    But Radhika's own problems are far from over and she begins to have visions of things happening in the house . From a cat straying around in the apartment to the ghost of the murdered girl , Radhika begins to see things . The friendly young girl is a nosy busybody and she begins to co operate to search for these happenings . Radhika's boyfriend however is exasperated by these efforts . The neighbouring man is a pesky type who increases Radhika's suspicions of being a murderer by having anger management issues for which he resorts to laughter therapy .

    So has the girlfriend really been murdered ?
    Are Radhika's visions real ?
    Is her agoraphobia going to get cured ?
    Watch the movie for the answers .

    The film rests on the acting of the main protagonists , and they have all performed well . Otherwise it is a small budget film with neither any big stars nor any costly locations or sets . The director does manage to inject real suspense in the proceedings , and the humorous situations that sometimes spring up from the proceedings do liven up the film for a while . There are few jolts in the film too , but the film cannot be called a regular or typical horror film because you are left wondering whether the happenings on screen are imaginations of Radhika's mental situation or are really happening . But that is what makes the film different too...

    The film's main lead is already in the limelight for bold scenes in films and giving exposing photos . Here Radhika however has no bold scenes and her body exposure is not that much . Rather this is a chance to show off her acting capabilities . I found her acting good enough , but not as much the critics are gaga-ing . Music and photography is okay .

    Verdict---decent .

    Three stars .

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