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    The film should have been titled '' O lord , deliver us from all evil ''---the first evil being non belief in the lord himself ....for it shows the journey of a New York police officer from non belief towards belief to the point where he gives up his job as police officer to join the priest who makes him believe in God....

    So what makes a rationalist convert to religion to the point of changing his career ??

    The answer is that it is some spooky and paranormal experiences do the trick....

    The beginning of the movie shows some American soldiers going into a cave in Iraq in 2010 . And something really spooky happening to them there....

    Cut to New York in 2013---New York police officer Ralph Sarchie ( Eric Bana ) begins to stumble onto some really spooky things on his beat . A man beats up his wife and Ralph is called to intervene . He discovers a rotten dead body in a cellar . Then a woman throws a child into the ditch separating humans from animals in a zoo . When Ralph goes to investigate , he barely escapes being attacked by lions in the zoo .

    He discovers that all happenings are related to a group of soldiers who went into a cave in Iraq and got possessed there . That's because the same writings in latin that were on the wall of the cave in Iraq are seen on walls in America---walls of the same group of soldiers who went into the cave , also the walls of the zoo. And all ex soldiers are acting possessed to the point of murder....

    Ralph is approached by a priest who convinces him that he is capable of sensing demonic influences . Trouble is , the priest had his own problems with drugs and women in the past and Ralph is dealing with his own personal temper problem....

    Cut to the part that really interests us anyway---the spooky part ; does it deliver the thrills and chills or not ??
    In the first part of the movie it does , for there is a sense of mystery hanging over all events . Of course , the tricks are the usual ones---dark underground cellars , eerie sounds , torches lighting up dark passages going further and further deep till something terrible happens , small girl getting scared by evil influences , lights flickering on and off in the dead of the night , dead bodies or live people jumping out of nowhere....

    Second part of the film deals with the usual---exorcism of the evil spirits , what else ??
    Frankly , exorcism fails to scare me inspite of all the moaning and groaning . It was the movie's first part that gave me the entertainment . Finally Ralph's family is dragged into the whole thing and the his investigation becomes personal.....

    The good thing about the movie is that it has no loose ends deliberately left for the second part . It definitely ends there and there . No second part of ' Deliver us from evil ' is going to appear ever--or so it seems at least for now ( if the film earns too much moolah then who knows the producers may be tempted to give us a second part ) . That's because the movie is supposed to be based on the real life experience of a New York police officer . If it was a bad movie I would have said ' thank god no second part ' but no the movie did give me some spook laced fun .

    However , I did not notice the phenomenon of women in the theater in which I was watching the movie getting scared during the spooky scenes . Usually some women get scared and that adds to the fun of watching horror movies , but it wasn't happening in this one .

    Verdict---It does deliver up to some extent .

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