As the US moves closer to India, Pakistan looks to Russia

Discussion in 'Pakistan' started by Ray, Feb 4, 2015.

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    Pakistan may have made a historical mistake after its inception by establishing close ties with the United States and ignoring the Russians.

    Pakistan, as a client state, went to war with Russia in Afghanistan. Having been successfully been used, the US discarded Pakistan like a hot potato. However, they were not that unkind because they, the US, kept Pakistan afloat with military aid and dollops of millions of dollars as one would pay one's retainers for services rendered.

    The myopic servility that Pakistan displayed by acting as the vanguard for the US strategic requirements, it brought upon itself the gifts of terrorism, extremism and drugs that is tearing Pakistan apart rendering it military and civil Govt impotent and moribund and its civil society at the perils of the internecine Islamic sectarian bloodbath

    Now Pakistan is trying to forge friendly ties with Russia to correct the mistakes of past. That is what Pakistan thinks by attempting to cosy up to Russia.

    Russian interest is simple. Have Pakistan on its side or let it feel so, and having ensured that the fundamentalist terrorists controlled by Pakistan are leashed, rebuild its strategic interest in Afghanistan and ensure that neither the US nor China can have an upper-hand there.

    It is very crucial for Russia to keep the US and China at bay and not let either gnaw at the underbelly of Russia that has ethnicity that is not Russian and hence dangerous for the Russian State.

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