Arabs and Iranians blaming everyone but themselves

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    Got this from an article:

    IS im Irak: Im Libanon verbrennen Jugendliche Flagge des IS - SPIEGEL ONLINE

    The Egyptian, Lebanese, Syrian and other governments, organisations and private citizens in the middle are all blaming the US, Europe and Israel for ISIS. Dreaming up conspiracy bollocks about how ISIS is funded and armed by Western intelligence services. The Lebanese foreign minister actualy demanded an explaination from the US embassedor, who had to make a public statement that the US has nothing to do with ISIS.

    Reminds me of the joke: "How many Arabs does it take to unscrew a lightbulb? None, they would rather sit in the dark and blame the jews."

    Rather than looking through, examening and learning from their own mistakes, like every other civilised nation does, they engage in this nonsence.

    Really, this is just strenghtens my opinion of "Let them have it". We shouldnt do anything, not give them any support against ISIS in military, logistical or any other way. Let them collapse into barbarism and face their own failures the hard way. We Germans learnd it that way and maybe these idiots need to aswell.

    Past interventions in the middle east have always proven, it doesnt matter what one does and for whom, they will always hate us for simply being who we are.
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    You are naive if you think western attacks for no legitimate reason on stable governments with decent standards of living didnt have anything to do with the rise of isis. It created an angry populace and a power vacuum.

    Germans didnt "collapse and learn it the hard way" You had massive intervention from the entire world then massive amount of aid to rebuild. It cost over a hundred million human lives to civilize germans.
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    in the dark
    If west really wanted to "let them have it" ,then why did it interfered in Iraq,Libya and now trying to interfere in Syria? After interfering over there ,and spending so much in form of military , other expenditure, and valuable life of your soldiers.Now, if west will leave them to "have it" then what difference did all the effort of west made,what purpose it served ,as they were already "having it" as per west, under Saddam and Gaddafi.

    OFF TOPIC:Since you are German,I always wanted to ask, how you,and Germans in general view "Adolf Hitler".

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