Anarchism vs Chaos - Libertarianism and it's critics

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    This is a thread where I hope people will wade in with their informed views - I request that the members refrain from base comments, uninformed rants and dick-ish posts and express their opinions in a true libertarian/ non-libertarian fashion ... :D

    Question 1 - What is libertarianism and how is it related to anarchism?

    Question 2 - What are it's advantages/ pros?

    Question 3 - What are it's cons/ critics?
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    One thing that is certain is that anachism is a pipedream. It will only work if every person is sane and everyone shares the exact same worldly viewpoints otherwise the powerful will trample upon everyone in open view. It will come down to tribalism because human beings are social creatures and wont live alone individually.
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    The definition of libertarianism varies from person to person and also from country to country. In general, libertarianism can be defined as a philosophy that seeks to maximize individual rights and, simultaneously, minimize the power of government. Since anarchy is defined as the absence of a government, where the people have maximum individual rights, it naturally follows that anarchism is the final manifestation of libertarianism.

    The protection of individual rights, such as the right to protest, right to information, and others. A country with a substantial libertarian tendency can effectively keep government in check and prevent authoritarianism from ever forming.

    While individual liberties must be preserved, it is also true that too many liberties can destroy a country. There are certain areas where a government, acting in the interest of the nation as a whole, must intervene. There is a reason why states formed in the first place; the "state of nature", with its inherent chaos and instability, in not conducive to human society. Large human societies need powerful states because we need stability.

    I always found it amusing how, in the United States, a corporation is considered the same as an individual under the law, and is thus entitled to the same rights as an individual is under the Constitution. This is a blatant misuse of libertarian philosophy if I ever saw one.
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