An Indian Develops Iron Man Suit for Indian Army

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    Genius, billionaire, philanthropist, playboy – that’s Tony Stark in a nutshell, and what also helps him save the world now and then is his shiny suit. It’s the fantasy of every Iron Man fan, (and there are quite many of them) to wear the suit at least once. Barring Robert Downey Jr, it is a duo of engineers of Sri Muthukumaran Institute of Technology who have come the closest to realising this dream.

    GNS Mugilan and Vignesh S have built a suit that might be just what our Army needs. The suit comprises a helmet equipped with night-vision binoculars, a bullet-proof vest with radar, a camera, a GPS tracker and a controller for a spy drone. The drone, also designed by the guys, is fitted with a spy camera and is equipped with an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), which is the USP of the suit. The pulse can disable other digital devices within its range. The guys designed every part of the suit themselves except the binoculars. The part of the suit which goes over the left hand has a bright light in its centre, similar to Iron Man’s suit.

    It is no coincidence, nor is it the product of any whim that Mugilan and Vignesh have built something tailor-made for the army. “We always wanted to design an EMP, and we got the idea for the suit in January after an incident in Kashmir when Captain Pawan Kumar died after being ambushed by terrorists.”

    It took them only two months to design and build the suit. The main challenge they faced, says Mugilan, was designing the EMP, for which they built about 150-160 circuits. Apart from this, they had to encounter technical hindrances and also their classmates’ skepticism. “When I first came up with this idea no one believed it was possible,” says Mugilan. And what kept him going was the inspiration from another scientist who himself had had his fair share of problems before success. “Whenever I had doubts, I thought of the saying, I thought of Thomas Edison who in spite of failing 5,000 times invented the light bulb.” For all the hi-tech features it packs, the boys only spent ` 10,000 on the suit. They were helped by their college, which provided them a GPS tracker for free.

    The suit was on display at the EdEx expo, where it received ample interest from the visiting crowd of students. But one particular person who checked out the suit is very well etched in Mugilan’s memory. “I met a retired colonel from the army and explained everything to him. He gave me his visiting card and said, ‘When you finish this, come see me.’”

    Fire in the hole!

    The suit has a controller for a spy drone which can disable opposing machinery using an EMP pulse. The drone can also carry a bomb. The controller for the drone is on the left arm of the suit

    Report your coordinates!

    A miniature radar system is also included. The location of every soldier can be pinpointed on the radar, and a display on the left hand part of the suit shows the radar output

    Enemy soldier spotted!

    The suit is fitted with a station recognition camera which can identify the faces of both our soldiers, as well as those of the enemy soldiers in case they are present in our military’s database
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    Would have been nice if we could see the whole "suit"..
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    Probably resembles this.....


    :drool: :lol:
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