5 Bitter Truths of PAKISTAN

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    Three things can't be long hidden: the Sun, the Moon and the Truth.
    Truth exists, struggles and ultimately comes out.

    On many occasions, Pakistan's administration tried to construct the country's future on the ground of lies and bogus stories. They cooked up one story to conceal the other or at least they tried not to shed light on the issue which could reveal their failures. It is, unfortunately, nothing less than an act of treason. I recently came across a Pakistani and talked to him for a while. Surprisingly I discovered that he knew directly opposite to what the rest of the world knows about his country. What surprised me further was that he was happy to live without electricity but not without Nuclear Weapons as his unspoken words implied that India wanted to capture his country and therefore his country's army needed it. I had so much talk with him which pushed me to write this article. In this write-up, we will dig out top five truths which have cunningly been falsified and posed to the people of Pakistan.


    The girl is an international name, a global fame, also a universal role model for children. We saw that in past, they tried to hold her back from spreading awareness about the importance of education in girls, but failed; they tried to silence her but failed; they tried to kill her- aha! failed again, and now the extremists are trying to project her as a traitor of Pakistan but they will fail once again for sure. Malala Yousafzai is a brave and peace-loving girl for you and me but unfortunately not for the local Pakistanis since there is a general view that she is an agent of America or Israel or may be of India for that matter and tarnishing the image of Pakistan at global level. For them, her winning Nobel Prize means nothing because she won the 'Peace Prize' not by virtue of her worth but by means of western leanings. They believe the girl is working hand-in-hand with the enemies and showcasing Pakistan as a terrorist nation.

    But the truth is the opposite of what they are made to believe in. The girl is not spoiling the national image at all, but she is restoring the glory of Pakistan. In fact, she is giving a clear message to the world that 'Pakistan is not a terrorist state since ordinary people and children of Pakistan are strongly against terrorists and she is the perfect example. Obviously, she is not the face of terror but the common people. Despite all these above, Pakistanis term her action as an affront to the nation. In an interview with 'The Atlantic', Malala said that her love for Pakistan would never weaken even if its people hate her.

    As far as I know about Malala Yousafzai, she is not a traitor but patriot and stands for a Pakistan of educated children, empowered women and active citizens.

    2. THE WAR OF 1965

    The local Pakistanis take great pride in telling the world a fake story of 1965 war between India and Pakistan cooked up by Pakistani Army. Ironically, some of them even claim that Pakistan won all four wars fought against India. There is nothing to exaggerate about the fact that Pakistan possesses a dream of capturing Kashmir ever since it came into existence in 1947. Let us, for a moment, accept that Pakistan won the wars and bravely defeated India. Now two quick questions arise before us- why is Kashmir not under Pakistani authority yet? And how did Pakistan lose its grip over Bangladesh in 1971?

    No country can progress if its people are forced to live in a confined world of lies and if the people are deprived of the history that literally occurred and they are given self-invented stories instead. History is a good teacher and guide that helps you move on the right path; in the right direction and also helps you in taking the right decision at the apposite time.

    A few days ago a Pakistani political economist, Dr. S. Akbar Zaidi, came under attack from all directions, when he said That Pakistan had not won the 1965 war. “Students are not taught the true history of Pakistan rather it is focused on the making of Pakistan,” he said. “With the celebration of the victory in the 1965 war round the corner, there can be no bigger lie that Pakistan won the war. We lost terribly in the 1965 war.” he added referring to the war.

    Dr. Zaidi is not the only Pakistani who is under attack but there are many intellectuals such as Najam Sethi, Hassan Nisar since these people dare to take on the autocracy of Pakistan.

    Anyway, let us plow the war of 1965 which was started following Pakistan's Operation Gibraltar designed to infiltrate Pak forces into Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan reckoned that it was the perfect time to annex Kashmir by force as India, it thought, had become feeble following the aftermath of Indo-China war of 1962. On August 5, 1965 between 28,000 and 33,000 Pakistani soldiers, disguised as Kashmiri locals, crossed the Line Of Control and headed for various areas within Kashmir. Pakistan launched a surprise attack on Indian forces from all sides, without any slight warning. Before India could understand and make plans, Pakistan occupied a big chunk of Indian territory and seized many tanks and other weapons at different military posts. It did not illustrate their bravery but cowardice.

    Later, Indian forces swung into action with a thorough plan and retaliated by launching a full-scale military attack. As a result, Pakistan's forces had to fall back. At last everything was upside down, Indian soldiers now claimed a big part of Western Pakistan by Hoisting Indian flag at 'Barkee Police Station' of Lahore. People of both countries suffered a huge loss due to the frantic action of Pakistani army. The then Prime Minister of India, Shri Lal Bahadur Shashtri, made up his mind to teach Pakistan a lesson by not returning the occupied Pakistan territories. He, however, had to succumb to the pressure from America and Russia as well as a big section within his party built up pressure on him to return the land. The Patriot Prime Minister agreed to give back the land at the Tashkent Peace Agreement.

    In this war, no result was drawn, but Pakistan had to suffer comparatively a huge loss.
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    In recent years, the ISI (Inter Service Intelligence) of Pakistan has done more damage than good for the country at a global level. Interestingly, it has gained more popularity among the people of Pakistan than ever before. The Pakistanis are proud of this notorious agency as much as the Indians take pride in the success of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization). The Pakistanis may find it hard to understand that it's not Malala but the ISI which is tarnishing the country's image.

    "Pakistan's intelligence agency, the ISI, has been providing the Taliban with safe haven and sanctuary in Pakistan for over a decade," Bruce Riedel of the Brookings Intelligence project wrote in an Article published on December 16, 2014 at IBTimes UK | Latest UK News | Breaking News | Business, Technology, Political & Sport News - International Business Times UK It is now an open truth that the ISI gave birth to terrorism in Afghanistan and played a crucial role in converting Pakistan into a home to terrorists. In addition, the ISI allegedly provides underworld don Dawood Ibrahim with shelter and protection, and receives a fair amount of money in return. America even accused the agency of cheating when Laden was found under the nose of Pak army.

    Further more, the ISI is also looked at with suspicious eyes for carrying out illegal activities in different countries. The illegal acts vary from the distribution of drugs to circulation of fake currencies. In recent years, Bangladeshi and Indian agencies have captured a bunch Pakistani nationals and ISI agents with fake Indian currencies.

    On September 12, 1994 John Ward Anderson writes in The Washington Post 'Pakistan's army chief and head of intelligence agency proposing to then-Prime Minister Sharif `a detailed blueprint for selling heroin to pay for the country's covert military operations in early 1991.' The role played by Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence agency in exporting terror to Kashmir and Punjab in neighboring India was sufficiently well-documented for the previous administration to place the country on the watch list of states sponsoring terrorism. Its removal from that list is justified neither by its past track record nor by its present performance. The State Department's most recent report on global patterns of terrorism talks of `credible reports in 1993 of official Pakistani support to Kashmiri militants who undertook attacks of terrorism in Indian-controlled Kashmir.'

    Peter Dale Scott writes in his book 'Drugs, Oil and War' on page 49 " No one can doubt the importance of drug trafficking to the ISI as an asset in support of policy goals and also, for some, as a source of personal profit through 1980s and 1990s."

    There are many references demonstrating how the ISI is looked at by the world.


    As India is shifting its focus to indigenous products, Pakistan is becoming more and more dependent on China for its warfare equipments. Following the success of Indian Mars Probe, Loquacious Pakistani media is busy reminding Indian administration the poverty ratio of India. They don't apparently know that the ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) is now generating much more revenue by launching foreign satellites, than the ISI (Inter Service Intelligence) does from drug trafficking.

    After the successful test of Shaheen-lll (operational range- 2750 km), Pakistan is showcasing it to the locals as if it conquered the world. It is notable that the range of this missile means nothing to the world. Russia has SS-18 Satan of range 16,000 km, the US has Trident-ll and its operational range is 11,000, China has Dongfeng with the range of 11,000 km and the Indians have Agni-v which operational range is between 5,800 km and 8,000 km. Moreover all these countries design and develop missiles on their own whereas Pakistan has to rely on Chinese assistance.

    India's Agni-V was indigenously designed by the DRDO (Defence Research & Development Organization) without any foreign assistance. Pakistan's Shaheen missiles, on the side, were developed by the IRC (Space Research Commission) which obtained all technical supports from China. Interestingly, the DRDO of India has its annual budget around US$ 2.3 billions and expected to be allotted US$ 38 billions for its five year-plan. The SRC of Pakistan, on the other hand, has to survive on a tiny annual budget of US$ 87 millions. Clearly, there is no comparison between the two.


    "It is the epoch of belief, It is the epoch of incredulity,"
    The general 'belief' within Pakistan that the country is equivalent to India in all aspects, is literally an 'incredulity'. It is, without question, foolishness to compare Pakistan with India (or the other way round). There is no comparison as I said earlier. Pakistan's total GDP is little more than that of Mumbai. Its GDP is US$ 246.88 out of which America has provided 69 billions since 1949 as per a database which the British newspaper Guardian maintains. In lieu of India, it wise to put Mumbai in the queue of Pakistan.

    The Pakistani dream of conquering Jammu & Kashmir is just derisory and will, of course, never be fulfilled. The fact is Pakistan's army can't survive a full scale battle against Indian army. And if they resort to nuclear weapons against India they will even lose their existence. Pakistan's army might be the world's strongest one for the locals, but internationally Pakistan doesn't even exist on the list of top 10 powerful countries. Its defence budget is US$ 7.2 billions out of which America funds nearly 20% of its army budget in the name of eliminating terrorism, while India's military budget is US$ 41.5 billions.

    I feel proud to say that India has never attacked any country first in the history of thousands of years, neither will it attack in future. It will not capture Pakistan's land and we can guarantee Pakistan 'CAN NOT' capture ours either.

    This article was first published on Defence, Indian Defence, Indian Armed Forces, Defence News, India Defence News, Indian Defence News, Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Air Force, US Defense News, UK Defence News, World Defence News 9:55 a.m. 14th Sept 2015.
    Article written by Mrityunjay Chaubey exclusively for Defence News.
    B.Sc (Physics and Maths), Indore
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