Wishing you all a very Happy Bengali New Year , Bangabdo 1417

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    Friends , today the 15th April, Poila Baishakh (1st Baishakh) marks the commencement of the new Year in Bengali Calendar, the beginning of Bengali New Year , Bangabdo 1417 (Banga- Bengali, Abdo- Year), This day is celebrated through out the world by ethnic Bengalis , in India and Bangladesh. Bengali Calendar closely tied with Surya Sidhanta. As per History goes the Calendar was formulated by Fatehullah Shirazi , a renowned scholar and astronomer to reform the tax collection process which was previously in accordance with Hijri or Lunar Calendar, and since Bengal was a big source of revenue collection of the empire , under the order of Mughal Emperor Akbar , Shirazi took the ideas from both Surya Sidhanta and Lunar Calendar to formulate a New Bengali Calendar , so the tax can be collected during the Harvesting season, the new Fasli San (Agricultural Year) introduced in 10th/11th March, 1584 but was dated from Akbar's ascension in the throne in 1556, and the year introduced as 'Bangabdo'. Celebration of Poila Baishakh started from Akbar's era, and the dues being cleared in last days of Chaitro, the day was celebrated by the Zaminders by distributing sweets among the tenants.

    Now the days celebrated in a big way in West Bengal and Bangladesh and also by the Bengalis through out the world devoid of any caste, religion , creed and colour, the day is celebrated in West Bengal as the opening of new business activities with opening of HalKhata (Accounts Ledger), distribution of sweets and many fairs being organised and in Bangladesh the day is a 'National Celebration'. Fairs and rallies organised in the both parts of erstwhile Bengal, with shopkeepers greetings with the customers with Calendars and Sweets, it is celebrated big way in Shantiniketan (West Bengal) and Dhaka(Bangladesh). Poet Tagore's song played welcoming the nw year in both the countries in this occasion. There are some mouth watering delicacies in Bengali Recipe being cooked and enjoyed.


    Recipe : Panta Ilish (Image: Wikipedia)


    Recipe : Pati Sapta (Image: www.indian-cooking.info)

    Source of Information: Wikipedia)

    [​IMG] (image: www.kolkata.org.uk)

    Wishing you all very Happy and prosperous Bengali New Year, Suvo Nabobarsho 1417, may the happiness be bestowed upon all saning Geo Political Boundary , Caste , Creed and Colour and Religion.

    Best wishes and Regards
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    Moscow, russia
    greetings to all members
    have a great new year ahead
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    in a fast food joint next to the imperial shipyard
    Jhare galo aj basanter pata, niye jak sange sab molinata. baisakhersurute laguk prane anander ei sparsha, mon theke aj tomader janai subho nababarso!

    Avery happy Bengali new year to all
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    Best wishes from my side

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