Will Democracy in Afghanistan be beneficial to India?

Discussion in 'Defence & Strategic Issues' started by rustyyy, Jun 11, 2014.

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    Yes demo in afg good for Ind

    Afg far from democracy
    they voted because they hate taliban&violence.......... new govt may try a little but it cant stop Social evils in few yrs then Civil war erupts
    with 70% illiteracy, Terrorist exporter pak as a neighbor,corruption, Islam without Oil(Tur/indonesia ppl are mostly atheist)
    This is the main reason OBAMA SAID It is not responsibility of US .... he knows there is no hope in Afg
    US/Ind media made a rosy picture about afg (every bad in afg bcoz of pak) but in reality it is Somalia with no hope :tsk:
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    Afghanistan is a self sufficient and thriving country once.

    The last presidential elections are a grand success, people showed lot of enthusiasm in voting and choosing their leaders. Good thing is people left out most of their ethnic differences and voted in favor of democratic rule.

    Democracy in Afghanistan is in the interest of India and the seeds of democracy which are being sowed now in Afghanistan will give rise to a moderate and strong Afghanistan in future.

    Afghans thrive and they know what radicalism can do to their society, since they have tasted the Taliban rule.

    Today Afghans are against radicalism and are determined to build their country and make it self sufficient.

    There is lot of effort going on to improve the Afghan society and the results are there to be seen.Situation in Afghanistan will improve with time.

    Taliban are radical militants who are armed with AK and RPGs no match for ANA backed by US Special forces, Taliban who are against ANA do not even have home advantage that used to be there during the war with USSR . There is no chance for civil war in Afghanistan.

    If Pakistan wants to renew its strategic depth policy through Taliban ...... Pakistan will find itself isolated by the countries around it and also Russia.
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