Why Pakistanis crave stability

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    The sole problem of Pakistan is their failure to find their identity.

    Are they Arab clones or of the Indian subcontinental genetic origin.

    The penchant and desire of most Muslims in Pakistan to be wannabe descendant of the Prophet and hence Arab is a strong psychological elixir, but patently false, which they too are aware in their hearts but refuse to acknowledge the same since that would defeat the concept of being genetically 'pure' Mussalmans.

    This ill founded and irrational attitude has made them fervent in their desire to distance themselves from their past of having been a part of Indian political entity and stock, leading to the hate 'Hindu' India, forgetting that India consists of the second largest Muslim population in the world and Christians and others and not merely Hindus. But then hate is a strong motivator for uniting a Nation. This psyche has been given purchase by the Mohajirs, who are the rootless refugees from hinterland India who used this, Urdu and Islam as the smokescreen as cohesive bond to hide the distaste of the 'original' natives of what is Pakistan. A clever ploy since Islam cannot be challenged without paying for it with one's life.

    The Army, consisting mostly of the 'original' natives of what became Pakistan, unable to challenge the Mohajir unifying and coalescing adhesive, made capital to balance the attempt to make them irrelevant (since all instruments of Govt and commerce were in Mohajir hands being more educated and clever in the ways of life) capitalised on the Kashmir issue to remain relevant and then assuming power through coups and proving to be the real 'defenders' of Pakistan. Zia, gave that a new additional meaning - he made the Army as not only the defender of Pakistan but also of Islam and then made it, what Blackwater so succinctly puts it, the thekedar of Islam.

    The struggle continues.

    The whole plot was to prove that Pakistan was better than India and they could take India on.

    They have tried everything - war, terrorism, insurgency and all they have achieved is licking their wounds. India still rides high as is an accomplished and recognised competent in the world order, unlike Pakistan, which is a failed and a rogue state, having an Army which has inherited a country.

    Imran and Qadri may have thought that they are the new Prophets of Islam to save Pakistan, but the Pakistanis have realised that they are out of the race with India and it is better to get down to brass tacks and build their lives rather than chase dreams that are impossible to achieve.

    They are such a hopeless country that No one can save Pakistan, not even Allah since they cannot even understand who are Mussalmans. They kill their own who are not of the Sunni genre. All other Muslims, be they Shias or Ahmediyas are taken as as kaffir as the Hindus and Christian and others.
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