Wen calls for reforms to avoid another Cultural Revolution

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    Wen is said to be a progressive leader who has an eye for modernisation and who is not totally divorced from the ground reality of China.

    There is no doubt that the political and the economic reforms have not kept pace with each other so as to have a harmonious balance. He is pragmatic to realise that the leadership in China is archaic and rigid without the necessary flexibility essential in an emerging capitalist country, which China is.

    In other words, capitalism cannot flourish if it is shackled by regimented diktats instead of allowing it to grow on the principal of laissez faire with a laissez faire leadership or a delegative leadership, where type of leadership style is such that the leaders are hands-off and it allows group members to make the decisions.

    Because of the high centralised control, capitalism is stunted and forced. This has given way to the corrupt few to make money, leaving other enterprising individuals out of the run. This has, possibly, given rise to the yawning economic disparity amongst the people leading to dissatisfaction and heartburns.

    An ideal chemistry for a Revolution and the Chinese are experts in Revolutions!

    Is a Revolution in China around the corner?

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