We are strange people

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    We are strange people, we keep rushing in life but always feel lonely even being within a crowd

    There is always a conflict going on in our inner self. We do no display our true feelings. We are always doubtful about the intentions of other people. We think that the people will not understand our feelings, we are always looking for a person who will truly understand us. Actually we are in search of true peace. This is the dilemma through which the people are passing their lives.
    A person feels lonely even if he or she is within a crowd. Everybody is in hurry. There is rush of people everywhere, on the streets, on the buses, on the subway stations. But you can see the loneliness in the eyes of hundreds of people. They want to say something to people but they think that others will not understand them so it's better to keep quiet.
    We meet people but with an artificial smile on our face. We keep trying hiding our inner feelings from others. Probably we are afraid of others. There is an uncomfortable calm inside us. This is not good to attain inner peace. If we want to achieve global peace, we must act and behave in a normal manner.

    Light of Peace: A feeling of loneliness right in the middle of a crowd indicates our inner conflicts, a serious hurdle in attaining peace.
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