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    Wars unspoken truth gives meaning to life

    Let's open up the debate on the HS thing about the war.

    There, people sleep together and being close to others. There suffer, weeping and laughter together. It may be the best time of life.

    Such experiences are countless Finns, Russians, Americans and Israelis for war veterans. Because where there is war, there are always people who have the feeling that life has to offer, and finally means something.

    War silenced the truth is that it gives people the meanings of which are modern, casual, and always just a more individual life does not otherwise provide.

    These at first glance sounds from unusual ideas are set out in a recent American magazine Vanity Fair issue with a broad article describes post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD soldiers to.

    The article was written by the war worked as a journalist Sebastian Junger, who had himself suffered from PTSD after attending to the war in Afghanistan just over a decade ago.

    Junger wondered how it is possible that even though the modern wars require much less victims than, say, the Second World War, American soldiers are now a lot of bygone days more mental health problems.

    "The problem does not seem so much to be experienced on the battlefield trauma as the return of soldiers -. The war zone for your team with the feel safer than an American suburb in solitude," Junger writes.

    Junger posts I read I find it impossible not to think of their own youth. I worked in the autumn of 1990 Gulf War, the Israeli kibbutz as a volunteer and I watched the extent of fear and respect, fascination in power, how the nation was preparing for war.

    I am reminded of is imprinted The Jerusalem Post newspaper advertisement, which was advertised suitable for babies respirators. It was feared Iraqi missile attacks with chemical weapons.

    When I decided shortly before the start of the war to leave Israel, I felt like some kind of traitor. But besides that I thought jääväni not only something special, important and historical experience, even if I have any role would have been no war.

    Wars, told media usually only the horrors, which is mostly quite well. These innocents are dying, reason goes out and the crimes will be of everyday life.

    But if you do not understand the power of attraction of the war, may have difficulty understanding any more than modern-day history of all events. It may be difficult to understand why in Europe raised in teens linked to terrible Isis organization or Vladimir Putin swallows broad support of the people of the Crimean peninsula.

    Isis organization has published a lot of photos and videos, which have been documented war crimes. But then there are also pictures showing the broadly smiling young: they have their own opinion and the common good things changing the world for the better, doing something with his life.

    KIRILL Kudryavtsev / AFP

    Russian soldiers were training for the Victory Day parade in Moscow on May 7.
    Vladimir Putin Displaying the power is a means to raise their popularity with the people and to seek the history of great men ranks. It makes no clearer way to get into the history as to lead the country in times of war, whether the war actually started or any other cause.

    When inquired about the Finnish Broadcasting Company in 2004, who are the greatest people in the history of Finland, ranked first became Marshal Mannerheim and the second in wartime President Risto Ryti.

    Surveys conducted in the United States greatest presidents in the history rise up time after time Abraham Lincoln (Civil War) and George Washington (Revolutionary War).

    The American war correspondent Chris Hedges wrote in 2002 a book whose name is chilling: "War is a force that gives us meaning of" (War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning).

    "War is like poison. And just like a cancer patient sometimes needs a poison to defeat illness, then we as a society must be sometimes to produce poison to survive. The war is one of the intoxicating and addictive mankind's inventions. The only way to protect yourself against it is finally understand that the essence of war is about death "Hedges said in an interview in January 2003.

    Hedges words did not receive a response, it is only a couple of months after the interview the United States launched a war against Iraq. While the basics of the war was questioned even then, more than 70 percent of Americans support the war out. The poison was again drugged people.

    Wars have always legitimate and justified by the peoples of the defense or of previous injustices in orthodontic treatment, even if the true determinants are mostly money, power or ambition.

    Propaganda-makers - whether errand Isis organization nettivärvääjät, George W. Bush Administration's war hawks or the Continuation War Bolshevism Satan preached and dreamed of Greater Finland Finnish priests - important is to sell the war as a common story, where everyone is busy role as part of a large right-minded community.

    Vanity Fair article, it was noted that the war creates the experience of tribes resembling a sense of community. That's why many veteran tells misses the front-periods.

    And it is the same sense of brotherhood, sisterhood and a large community may need also been bombing targets civilians, such as, say, Londoners at the end of the Second World War or sarajevolaiset the Bosnian war.

    Only a few misses bomb head, or death to see, but many have missed miss those moments in the bomb shelter, when the neighbor can not take the hand, without that it gets mad stamp on his forehead.

    In today's American soldiers a particular problem is the fact that they do not return to the wars fail even to explain what has happened to them behind our oceans. Home Front has lived in your Facebook, its reality while veteran has been living like beasts feared hunter-gatherer, surrounded by comrades.

    For similar adjustment difficulties have been told Finnish peacekeepers returned from Afghanistan. Veterans plagued by Finland, marital crises, a sense of alienation, emptiness and impatience.

    It is difficult to explain the Finnish way of life accustomed to what it is like to fear suicide bombers in places where others have not heard of.

    "Ex-wife said that I always lasted three months to come home. I was absent, tense and äyskivä. When I came to vacations, it was difficult to put up with kids running around. In Finland, it was all a gray area when Afghanistan everything is black or white. I could not properly take other account ", served as a peacekeeper in Afghanistan said to Helsingin Sanomat last year.

    As counterintuitive as it may seem, the war things can show themselves for the first time in life to be clear: as black and white. Peace is where things become complicated and sumeiksi.

    This assessment of the present-United States veterans returning from the wars from the perspective of Vanity Fair interview with anthropologist Sharon Abramowitz:

    "There has to be prepared to say that we are not very good society, and that we are human anti-social society is alienating, technical, cold -.. Our fundamental desire as human beings is to be close to each other, but our society does not allow it to happen"

    The answer to the problems of modern life can not of course be that will come out of the war lumolle. We should build a more meaningful, more communal and caring life in conditions of peace.

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