US Strategic Commander Adm. Cecil Haney: China is MIRVing all ICBMs and SLBMs

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    In the citation below, US Strategic Commander Adm. Cecil Haney informs us that China is MIRVing all of its long-range ballistic missiles (e.g. ICBMs and SLBMs). The citation further describes the various Chinese long-range ballistic missiles.

    DF-41 ICBM (6 to 10 MIRVs): road-mobile or rail-mobile
    DF-5B (8 to 10 MIRVs): silo-based
    DF-31B ICBM (with up to 5 MIRVs). See NTI:
    JL-2C SLBM (3 to 8 MIRVs)
    JL-3 SLBM (6 to 10 MIRVs): The JL-3 SLBM is the naval version of the DF-41 ICBM. The JL-3 is in development.

    When you add up all of the DF-41 road-mobile and rail-mobile ICBMs, DF-5B silo-based ICBMs, DF-31B road-mobile ICBMs, JL-2C SLBMs, and the upcoming JL-3 SLBMs, there is a HUGE number of Chinese thermonuclear warheads after you multiply by the number of MIRVs.

    For the DF-41, DF-5B, and DF-31B ICBMs, you have to factor in reload missiles. The US has one reload missile per launcher. The Soviets had three reload missiles per launcher. It is currently unknown whether China has one, two, or three reload missiles per launcher.

    We can also expect China to MARV its MIRVs. From the citation below:

    "The congressional U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission stated in its most recent annual report that China is developing maneuvering re-entry vehicles, or MARVs, in addition to multi-warhead missiles.

    'Because MARV-equipped warheads are capable of performing preplanned flight maneuvers during reentry, they are more difficult to intercept and better able to penetrate adversary missile defenses,' the report said."


    China Flight Tests New Multiple-Warhead Missile

    "U.S. Strategic Command commander Adm. Cecil Haney said Jan. 22 that China’s multiple warhead missiles are part of a significant investment in both nuclear and conventional forces.

    'China is re-engineering its long-range ballistic missiles to carry multiple nuclear warheads,' Haney said in a speech."

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