US senator wants Pak military aid stopped

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    US senator wants Pak military aid stopped

    WASHINGTON: While US Deputy Secretary of State for South Asia Robert Blake on Monday termed Pakistan a valuable ally, US Senator Mark Kirk alleged that the Haqqani network was working with the help of Pakistan’s intelligence agency, ISI.

    Kirk, who sits on the US Senate subcommittee responsible for international aid, said that military assistance to Pakistan should be stopped. He said the aid should be tied to concrete steps by the Pakistani government, including allowing American strikes within the country.

    Kirk also suggested handing over the responsibility for Afghanistan to India. “India has a strong interest in Afghanistan that is not a terror base,” Kirk said.

    Meanwhile, talking to VOA on Monday, Robert Blake said there was a need to enhance ties with Pakistan and help its people, who were facing political, economic and security problems. He said that was “important for all of us to move forward and work together.” He said, “We need to help the people and government of Pakistan in resolving their political, economic and security problems and, in fact, it is time to focus on these issues.”

    He said Pakistan’s role in the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan was important and the US wants Pakistan on their side in any future strategy as it is a valuable ally.
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    yes this is true........... but will they allow NATO supply Routes,

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