US Plans To Sell M777 Howitzers To India

Discussion in 'Indian Army' started by WolfPack86, Feb 16, 2016.

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    The United States has finalised a proposal to sell M777 ultra-light howitzers, a towed 155 mm artillery piece, to India under a direct government-to-government deal, with Washington expected to send a formal ‘Letter of Acceptance’ this week.

    According to Indian media reports, the ‘Letter of Acceptance’, which is the final step from the US in a Foreign Military Sales (FMS) contract like this, has been finalised and is to be presented to South Block this week. This would be followed by an acceptance from the Indian side and subsequently transfer of an advance after which deliveries of 145 guns would commence.

    At least two M777 light howitzers are expected to be delivered to India this year as part of the deal so that the army can generate its ‘range tables’ – a calibration for the various types of Indian made ammunition that the guns would fire once in service.

    The deal for M777 howitzers under the FMS route has been in process since 2008 and has seen several ups and downs, including the possibility of being scrapped. The contract was revived last year by the Modi government under a new deal that included a Make in India component.

    The light artillery gun deal, worth over $700 million, will also involve a significant ‘Make in India’ component with Mahindra expected to bag a major share of the work contract.
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    Tell them that we can buy more if 100% TOT is done. Actually we have a need of over 500. Else We are ready to wait for another 4 years till the ultra light howitzer of BABA kalyani comes in.

    BABA kalyani has just declared that its group is among the 3 biggest producers of of Howitzer where 5 guns are under development.
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    That's true, we have reached self sufficiency as far as all the electronics of howitzers is concerned (targeting system, communication, digital data link with the forward post observer and other things) but it's the barrel technology that we are lacking. The US uses some sort of special metal composite alloy that has the right amount of rigidity and flexibility and durability and extremely light weight, that is the USP of the M777 over other guns. They are refusing to give ToT for the barrel. They have asked India to simply send the specifications of the ammo we use so that they can fabricate the barrels accordingly and send it to India.

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