US identifies China as security threat, seeks India partnership

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    WASHINGTON: The United States is investing in long-term strategic partnership with India, the Pentagon said on Thursday in a new defence strategic document which puts Asia on a bigger priority and identifies China as a security threat.

    "The United States is investing in a long-term strategic partnership with India to support its ability to serve as a regional economic anchor and provider of security in the broader Indian Ocean region," said the document unveiled by President Barack Obama in his rare appearance at the Pentagon.

    The document titled 'Sustaining US Global Leadership: Priorities for 21st Century Defense' identified China as one country which poses a security threat to the US in long term.

    "Over the long-term, China's emergence as a regional power will have the potential to affect the US economy and our security in a variety of ways," said the eight-page document.

    "Our two countries have a strong stake in peace and stability in East Asia and an interest in building a cooperative bilateral relationship. However, the growth of China's military power must be accompanied by greater clarity of its strategic intentions in order to avoid causing friction in the region," the document said.

    The new strategy also replaces the decade-old policy of maintaining a force capable of fighting two wars at once.

    "Even when US forces are committed to a large-scale operation in one region, they will be capable of denying the objectives of - or imposing unacceptable costs on - an opportunistic aggressor in a second region," it said.

    The document made clear that while some current military missions will be curtailed, none will be scrapped entirely.

    "Wholesale divestment of the capability to conduct any mission would be unwise, based on historical and projected uses of US military forces and our inability to predict the future," the document said.

    AP adds: President Barack Obama insists the United States will maintain what he calls the best-equipped military in US history despite deep and looming defense budget cuts.

    In a rare appearance in the Pentagon briefing room, Obama offered the outlines of an overhauled defense strategy. It is designed to contend with hundreds of billions of dollars in budget cuts and refocus the United States' national security priorities after a decade dominated by the post-Sept 11 wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Obama says the military will be leaner but promises the world that the US will maintain its "military superiority" with fighting forces ready for any threat.

    The president says the strategy review centered on the military the country needs after the "long wars of the last decade are over."
    US identifies China as security threat, seeks India partnership - The Times of India
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    First develop the monster then slay it! Beats monopoly any day in time pass.
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    They're dreaming if they think they can get India to follow them like lackeys.

    That too when they're calling peace with the taliban and funding paksitan.
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    china needs to be contained at any cost. no matter what. even if we need to take help from uncle sam.
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    The word Help is wrong. There cannot be a strategic alliance.

    We can trade in weapons, have non-aggression treaties with each other, conduct joint drills etc. But no strategic alliance. It has to be an Equal partnership.

    Look at the title of the paper - [FONT=helvetica, arial, Tahoma, Calibri, Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif]Sustaining US Global Leadership: Priorities for 21st Century Defense[/FONT]

    For the US, India is a cog in the wheel to achieve that objective. We have to reject such an alliance. The Era of US Global Leadership is over. Americans have to acknowledge that and devise an alternate strategy that is representative of global realities. Only then do we play ball, if we decide to and need to, at all.
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    a little good gesture by the U.S and desi crowd can't handle it. india will always have independent stratergy. but that stratergy will always
    be much more helpful to the U.S, then to china. the reason both being democracies. what fundamnetal priciples does china believe in, which are common between India and china?, the answer is none. it is this context that the U.S is slowly and surely tieing nots with India.
    Hey people get matured. pakistan is a done deal. a couple of 1970 f-16's are not going to alter anything.
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    And if things heat up between India and Pakistan the US does not even have to turn off its "kill switch" (I don't believe there's such a thing) on these jets, they will simply starve them of parts and weapons. And in conjunction with that they can simply supply India knwoledge on how to counter American weapons, much like how France secretly informed the Brits of the weakness of their Exocet during the Falklands War.
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    Just to throw some fuel on the flames, you many remember when Leon Panetta, our Secretary of Defense, referred to India as "an emerging threat." It would be funny if not so pathetic.
    So, please take up the slack, Indian friends...

    How do you like that?

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