US airplane violation of Indian airspace - 2nd in 4 months, becoming a habit ?

Discussion in 'Foreign Relations' started by roma, Oct 18, 2009.

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    Grounded US plane gets clearance, but won't take off today
    Grounded US plane gets clearance, but won't take off today

    The grounded US plane at the Mumbai airport will not take off on Sunday due to technical reasons.

    Hours after the US Marines were grounded, the US Consulate told NDTV they were in touch with officials to resolve the issue, which they described as a routine matter. The crew would stay on for a day in Mumbai due to rest requirement.

    Earlier on Sunday, the Indian Air Force gave clearance to the chartered plane carrying 205 US marines to take off, nearly six hours after it was grounded, reportedly for violating Indian airspace.

    The aircraft was travelling from Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to Utapao in Thailand, and was asked to land because its 'call sign' was not registered.

    The plane had normal clearance from the DGCA, but not the Air Operations Routing (AOR) clearance that is the mandatory for planes carrying troops or military cargo.

    This is the second such violation by an American aircraft in four months. In June 2009, an AN-132 cargo plane carrying arms for US forces in Afghanistan was forced to land in Mumbai under similar circumstances.

    Hope the americans know the difference between taleban terrritory in pakistan and indian airspace.
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    in a fast food joint next to the imperial shipyard
    One question
    What are 205 marines going to be doing in Utapao Thailand?

    Anyways coming back to the topic , genuine mistake or habit
    I do not think India can do too much about it , all we can do is lodge a strong protest and Fine the U.S for overflying without permission. Maybe next time around we can force the plane to turn around and go home.
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    The US military cargo aircraft which was forced by
    Indian Air Force to land at Mumbai. PTI Photo

    US plane with marines ordered to land in Mumbai


    Mumbai/New Delhi, Oct 18 (PTI) A Bangkok-bound chartered US plane in which American marines were among the 205 passengers was ordered by authorities to land at Mumbai airport Sunday for flying over Indian airspace without getting the mandatory military clearance.

    After remaining grounded for a few hours, the Boeing 767 plane belonging to North American Airlines and on a flight from Fujiriah in the UAE to Utapao in Bangkok was allowed by Indian Air Force(IAF) to resume its flight following a probe.

    IAF spokesperson Wing Commander T K Singha said the DGCA will decide when the airplane will take off.

    But due to the pilot's Flight Duty Time Limitations(FDTL) the aircraft is not likely to take off before Monday.

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