Unlike China, India isn’t taken seriously by the world

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    Unlike China, India isn’t taken seriously by the world

    India is busy patting itself on the back for having overtaken China as the world’s fastest growing major economy. But, for all that, China has – and will continue to have – far greater clout on the international scene than India. The world takes China seriously, and treats it with respect. The world doesn’t take India seriously, and often treats it with disrespect.

    A case in point is the recent summary deportation of a number of Indian citizens – students, business travellers, tourists – by US immigration authorities. All the Indians had valid US visas, but no explanation was given by the US authorities as to why they were denied entry into that country.

    What has the Indian government done about this shabby treatment of its citizens by a foreign country which, in effect, is cocking a snook at India? Nothing. Except issue a travel advisory telling Indian travellers to the US to carry with them as much documentation as possible to establish their bona fides with US officials who might otherwise send them packing back home, with no reasons given for the expulsion.

    According to a TOI report, if you are an Indian going to the US – to study, do business, to visit friends and relations, or just for a holiday – you should have with you your most recent bank statement, proof of sufficient funds for the duration of your stay, your income tax returns for the last couple of years and ‘anything else which you think might be relevant to your case’. The source for the TOI report is the US department of homeland security, customs and border protection.

    If Chinese citizens had been treated the way Indians have been by the US authorities, Beijing would have raised an almighty ruckus about it, and flexed its economic and political muscle, both of which are considerable. But more than anything else, China has time and again shown that it will not take lying down any disrespect of it or its citizens.

    India, on the other hand, lets the world and its brother walk all over it. The Indian government hasn’t taken the matter up at the highest level with the US. Couldn’t Narendra Modi have called his pal Barak (as he likes to refer to him) and asked him what the heck was going on?

    Indian-origin Americans, said to be the most prosperous of any immigrant community in America, including the Chinese community, haven’t raised a stink about the issue.

    Why? Because unlike China and the Chinese we lack self-confidence regarding our international stature. It’s as though we were children in a world of grown-ups whose rules we have to obey and whom we mentally refer to as ‘Unclejis’.

    And the biggest Uncleji of them all to whom we pay obeisance, is the one called Uncle Sam.

    DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author's own.

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    My view is that it is better for india if the world does not take us "seriously". At least not unless we rebuild ourselves completely. Rebuilding might take at least 10 years, until then NO HURRY !!!!!
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    Firstly the world doesn't take us seriously because we exaggerate beyond the reasonable - we may have the fastness rate of growth but from a much lower level than china , so when we make statements like that , folks think in their mind , it 's just another indian talking hot air

    secondly to address the title of the thread - there are many reasons , but they can all be summarised i one phrase - "Great" Management

    3. we need to look at whether indian students violate the staying rules and if so to what extent and how common a phenomenon is this - i.e. once they get in do they honour the rules by which they were let in ? If we have a good record then it should be taken up with the U:S: authorities ...in this aspect i think congi did a better job regarding the devyani affair ....albeit she was a high ranking officer and these are "mere" students ......but they are paying good money so it is of similar importance .....and i think congi made much more effective protest then the relative silence coming from today's goi .

    4. the IMAGE of our weakness and corruption .....we many in reality be less corrupt than china , by that IMAGE says otherwise

    5. the IMAGE of being a weakling nation - backward and poor ....anyone who studied marketing knows the importance of IMAGE .....our band image is really not good ......other than a few Nadellas and Pichays ( there are quite a lot nowadays ) - this lead foreigners to have a two-nation ( or three nation or indeed four ) theory WITHIN their concept of indians ...so the immigration officer interviewing you at the desk , will , even if you have a valid visa , interrogate you to the extent of your IMAGE in that 4-nation concept he has of indians ...... are you a Nadella ? - in that case you have a visa ? so welcome to usa !

    you area genuine student going to an univ of a certain min standard ----- well he might ask some minimal questions and merely ask to see your letter of acceptance and ---- some superficial questions which are mandatory for him to ask , but basically he's letting you in , maybe even with a smile !

    you are shabbily dressed and going to a questionable univ ------ now here is where the immig officer has to work for a living !! he will ask all questions in including the colour of the stewardesses hair ....ad ask for every document he has the right to see

    6. Still the goi should act n the matter and i agree with the author , that their action so for leaves something , perhaps much , to be desired ...i'd even stick my neck out to say that congi was more impressive, the way they handled the devyani episode !

    regards, R.

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    Take MMRCA saga,our uncertain foreign policy,weapon induction process etc,that's why world don't take us seriously.
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    Whole world took us very very seriously during the recently concluded climate summit.

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    Seems like an article for propoganda purposes. They don't want to allow, it's their right. They don't need to provide exact reasons for everything they do. We don't either. I can write an opposite article but it's not necessary. The comparison with China is even more silly.
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    The very reason we aren't taken seriously is demonstrated by that article.

    If we aren't taken seriously then we need to improve to the point where the world has no other choice but to start taking us seriously.

    Throwing a tantrum about how we are so powerful yet we aren't taken seriously is counter-productive and will further serve the agenda of Anti-Indian forces because doing this will create an image about us portraying us as people who think they are entitled to respect.
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    The Republic of India
    Can't blame the Americans. These people shouldn't have gone to America in the first place. [Not talking about the tourists]
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    china is 30 trillion economy we are near abut 10.......

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