Ukraine lander rush delivery to China

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    Ukraine lander rush delivery to China - News - Bubblews

    Bison lander that Beijing ordered China Ukraine will come sooner than planned because shipbuilders feared tensions in the country .
    According to news agency Lenta , amphibious ships Bison Bison of 958 projects under contracts between Ukraine and China in 2009 with a total value of USD 315 million . The contract clearly stated China ordered Ukraine's Bison 4 amphibious ships , of which the first two are based in Ukraine ( China getting a ship in mid-2013 ) , the other two being stationed in China under license of Ukraine .

    Sources confirmed the ship was in the port of Feodosia and prepare to China , but did not provide accurate shipping time to China . Due to the tense situation in Ukraine lander should not complete the testing process .

    Bison amphibious ships were brought into the port of Feodosia .
    Bison are the largest class hovercraft in the world today , with a water displacement of up to 555 tons , speeds up to 60 miles / 1 hour , 300 -mile operating range . It has the ability to carry three main battle tanks or 10 armored infantry fighting vehicle with 140 troops or 8 amphibious tanks . But if only for the number of military troops , Bison can carry up to 500 people .

    Bison weapon system consists of a AK - 630 rapid-fire guns , two rocket launchers 122 mm unguided , rocket launchers for low range air Strela - 3 . Two rocket launchers can be raised and lowered when firing on the move to reduce air drag .


    To prevent it captured by Russian army.
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