U.S. move may allow F-22 exports to Japan

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    U.S. move may allow F-22 exports to Japan

    WASHINGTON--A key U.S. congressional committee added an amendment to the fiscal 2010 defense budget to require the Defense Department to explore the possibility of exporting the F-22 jet fighter to Japan, the nation's preferred choice as its next-generation mainstay fighter.

    The amendment was adopted Wednesday by the U.S. House of Representatives' Armed Services Committee. Japan has not been able to import the F-22 because of a long-standing U.S. congressional embargo on sales of the aircraft.

    The amendment requires the U.S. Defense Department to submit reports on the F-22 within 30 days after the bill is enacted. The broader spending bill passed the committee Tuesday. Among other things, the reports are required to include:

    -- The price of an export version of the F-22.

    -- Technical issues to be addressed and the time needed to develop an export model.

    -- Strategic consequences of exporting F-22 jets to Japan.

    -- The influence on the U.S. aerospace industry.

    -- Necessary revisions that must be made to U.S. law to permit F-22 exports.

    The 2010 amendment limits F-22-related research exclusively to that needed to export the jet to Japan.

    U.S. move may allow F-22 exports to Japan : World : DAILY YOMIURI ONLINE (The Daily Yomiuri)
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