Turkey asks Pakistan to shut 'Coup Mastermind's' Gulen's institutions in Pakistan

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    Turkey asks Pakistan to shut 'Coup Mastermind's' Gulen's institutions

    Turkey has asked Pakistan to shut all institutions being run by Fethullah Gulen -- the US-based cleric whom Ankara accuses of masterminding and backing the July 16 failed military coup attempt in that country, a media report said on Saturday.

    "We have called on all friendly countries to prevent activities of this (Gulen's) group," Dawn news online quoted Turkish Ambassador Sadik Babur Girgin as saying here at a media briefing on developments in Turkey.

    He said the Turkish government had "solid evidence" that Gulen's movement was behind the plot.

    In Pakistan, Gulen runs a network of about 21 schools and Rumi Forum -- an intellectual and intercultural dialogue platform, in addition to having business stakes. His organisations and businesses have been operating in Pakistan for decades, Dawn news online reported. Noting that Gulen had a "big presence in Pakistan", Girgin said that Turkey was in close contact with Pakistani authorities. "We have had good cooperation with Pakistan in every field."

    The Turkish government has sought Gulen's extradition from the US, and said the evidence asked by the US had been provided to the American authorities.Gulen, a former ally of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has been living in self-imposed exile in the US since 2013, when Erdogan accused him of promoting corruption scandals against his government.

    Since then, the Turkish government has included the influential cleric on its list of most wanted terrorists and sought his extradition for judicial trial that could result in life imprisonment.
    Maulana Rockullah's Expert comment: No wonder that Pakis are involved in either exporting terror or other means to harm other countries.Now Pakis have hand in recent Coup in Turkey.Almost all terror instances in the world have Paki links.So first it was India,Iran,Afghanistan,US,China and now even Turkey is raising fingers at Pakis.Pakistan is a FAILED TERRORIST State.

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    Our esteemed Terrorist Paki Panel: @Neo @Raja.pakistani @Zarvan @musalman @Zulfiqar Khan
    So your friend is asking you to shut down Gulen's jihadi institutions which are helping destabilize Turkey, are you going to do it?

    You even didn't spare your own Prophet's Mosque and attacked it.Pakistan is a disgrace to humanity.

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    porkis are shameless. 100s of year of inbreeding have made them mental retarded. fuckistan should be erased from the map.
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