Top defence scientist netted in jayamahal massage parlour raid

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    The Vision of India

    Many times, the elders blame the younger generation including students for their behaviour and changes they bring about. But seldom we recognise them for their silent contribution to the society.

    Nagappan, Sathiyan and a dozen young students used to celebrate their birth day parties in hotels and enjoy the dinner. Suddenly four years back, Nagappan and his friends decided not to spend lavishly the money for their birthdays in the hotels and instead pool the money to help poor students. A physically disabled junior student hailing from a very poor family was the first beneficiary of their gesture. They paid his college fees.

    The smile on the face of the poor disabled boy motivated Nagappan and others to mobilise more number of students, who can contribute around 20 to 25 rupees every month. All the amount so collected were pooled for supporting more such poor and disabled students for their education., by way of fees, books, etc.

    The encouragement given by the fellow students made Nagappan and Sathiyan to form a trust in the name of 'Young Helping Minds' and they registered the trust deed with authorities and also with Income Tax Department. They have around 250 students / young people contributing their small share towards the noble cause of educating the poor and disabled children. Presently, they support 35 such students for their education.
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    Two weeks back, news came from Russia - Kaveri engine passed phase-I flight-trials and declared as flight-worthy engine.

    And, now this. I smell something here.

    I won't call it just coincidence. There are about 60 herbal Spa, massage parlours in Bangaluru. Why police raided that 'particular' one, on that 'particular time' of the day?

    Interesting timing.

    T Mohan Rao is a man of honour. He has given a lot to GTRE and to this country(of hypocrites and leg-pullers) and got us our first "flight-worthy" cryogenic engine. Let's hope someone doesn't pick this incident to settle scores. Its time to stand behind him and not start silly leg-pulling.

    Personally, I would prefer a s3x-crazy genius, than those spineless m0therf*ckers who are running this country today.
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    even if he had done, it doesnt matter much, guy can have spa nothing to be ashamed about, just deliver us Kaveri engine that is all we ask.
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    Who cares ?

    cant even get a decent massage without hassles these days.
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    When will we going to stop violating other's privacy? Our law enforcement agencies are wasting their energy and resources on moral policing.
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    Akhand Bharat
    I agree with you, he is also a human being with some Arman, some feelings and BABURAW:becky::becky:. He can do what ever he want in private life. for god sake he was taking massage not leaking secrets...
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