Time for a Black and White World?

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    Probably one of the most irritating and frustrating issue for an Indian observer of international politics has been India's hopelessly blurred and complex relations with most of the major powers. We have so many "strategic partnerships" and "friendly relations" that we end up with not a single ally. This gray world saps our intent and drive.
    A more clear-cut worldview will be very refreshing and rejuvenating and give us a clear sense of purpose and energy.

    I believe a formal alliance with Russia is the most important necessity. We should also forge a more open and closer relation with Iran. In the Asia-Pacific close relations with Vietnam would be good. We should try to keep relations with the West on good terms even while we ally with Russia as muc as possible. We have cowed down to Western pressure for long. It's time we stood up and pursued our national interests boldly.
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    The present trend is economic relations and strategic relations are becoming diverse.

    In Cold war era Both economic and strategic relations used to converge and so there are clear cut alliances.

    Post Cold war and a unipolar world clear cut alliances are not visible. Since economic and strategic partnerships are not converging.

    Take an example of China and Japan. Both the countries does Billions of trade even though they are bitter enemies, But when it comes to strategic partnership Japan is looking towards US and India.
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    We have lots of defence , cultural, economic and strategic alliance with Russia.

    In anticipation of Vladimir Putin’s India visit | Russia & India Report
    BrahMos - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Sukhoi/HAL FGFA - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Sukhoi PAK FA - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    These are a few ongoing projects and theres more

    India to continue Iran oil imports despite sanctions: Report
    PressTV - India to continue Iran oil imports despite sanctions: Report

    For oil imports India is diversifying her options.

    I agree that the new India's ACT EAST policy looks good. We should pursue the policy with more vigour.

    Have we buckled under Western pressure!! I would say, India has done a good job in protecting her interests, be it the civil nuclear arrangement or Trade policies.
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