The vicious cycle of dialogue and terror

Discussion in 'Foreign Relations' started by anoop_mig25, Jul 13, 2015.

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    The vicious cycle of dialogue and terror BY K.C. Singh on Jul 12, 2015 Asian Age

    @Yusuf (as Yusuf has tiwetted it) and others

    When even ex IFS and present IFS knows that pak/ISI are assuming that they are wining great game in AFGan now , its economy is would be good health on account of PAK-china economic corridor and it pak/army/isi would have money and resource to divert from afgan to indian (once taliban led deomcractic gov is formed in afganistan ) terrorist from another nations(specially those from isisi) to start another round of war in J&k/india

    Whats point of holding talk with pakistan either track 1 or track2

    We know that right know PAK/ISI knew that they are/would in higher position then whats point of holding talks

    Such talks should had been held at during last 10 years when Indian economic was good and pak was in dolddrums at that moment we would had gained

    Now that our economic is not good and pak/ISI are wining in their game whats point of holding talks

    they wont relent or stop terrorism untill and unless we give them whole of kashmir on platter..

    All this easier vias and CMBs wont help India while it would help isi to send resoruces to carry out terrorist activities in India

    What kind of advice is begin passed to PMO/MEA buy IFS/RAW for holding talks with pakistan

    hope Modi has not begin beaten by Noble peace prize bug
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    I only hope Modi is not harboring the delusion of a peace prize. That will not happen, certainly not in the next decade or so that he has a shot at being in power.

    Lets hope this was a well thought out move and we have a counter now that the Pakis are backtracking.

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