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Discussion in 'Members Corner' started by ashdoc, Nov 19, 2010.

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    Whether anybody likes it or not ,facebook is the one of the biggest phenomenons of our times ,and anyone who uses the internet , literally lives under the shadow of facebook.

    This the story of how Mark Zuckerberg founded facebook ,or co-founded it ,as he is forced by a lawsuit to admit.
    Mark takes the help of friends in harvard to start facebook ,or thefacebook , as it was called at that time , who finance his endeavour . But as happens when huge amounts of money begin to roll in , friendships begin to sour over money, ,relationships begin to break ,and in the end everyone ends up in the courtroom .

    Which provides the perfect setting for flashbacks , as much of the movie is in flashback mode ,as everyone remembers and recounts in the courtroom as to what part he had in the making of facebook ,the wheelings and dealings ,from their own perspective , of course. There is no action in the movie , so the director had to keep the dialogues crisp ,and fast-paced. This ,the director has succeeded in doing , and thus creating an engaging movie.

    In this movie , Mark Zuckerberg emerges as a total nerd , somebody who might have made a lot of money , but would be difficult to live with , in real life. The movie starts with him breaking up with his girlfriend , who is fed up with his nerdish ways , and he retaliates by passing insulting comments on her in his blog .

    However , the movie is made by inputs given by his former friend Eduardo Saverin , who eventually filed a lawsuit on him ,so he is bound to give a negative image of Mark Zuckerberg. Inspite of this , Jesse Eisenberg has given a good portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg ,and his performance is head and shoulder above the others.

    Justin Timberlake also acts well as Sean Parker ,the hard-partying man who asks Mark to drop the 'the' from thefacebook ,and call it just facebook ,the name we are familiar with today.

    The story of facebook is not yet over ,so there might be a part two movie when it has evolved ,or moved into a bigger league. If its as good as this one , I'll sure watch it.........
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    Ok movie, wont call it great, as such movies are too common in Hollywood, seen it
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    I thought it was pretty good. Since I have, with some difficulty I admit, managed to completely cut Fb and other social networking sites from my life, it was definitely nostalgic to watch this movie! I kept chuckling at the poor suckers about to waste about 1/3 of their time on Fb etc.

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