The Pakistani Fight Club

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    Quick read for those unaware of ethnic strife going on in Pak or are a candle-wala.


    Who is taking a pounding from whom: Ahmedi from Muslim, Shia from Sunni, Barelvi from Wahabi, secular Sunni from rabid Barelvi and so on…

    Maniza Naqvi at 3QuarksDaily:

    Cyril Almeida actually puts it more bluntly:

    How ironic is that, considering the very quest that supposedly sustained Pakistan’s statehood was self-identification as Muslims in lieu of persecution under Hindu India.

    MJ Akbar explains it rather well:

    In other words, beware of the mistake made by our dear candle-wallas. The similarities between Indians and Pakistanis shouldn’t blind us to the radical differences between India and Pakistan.

    The Pakistan fight-club | Pragmatic Euphony

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