The 'Great' PAF Has Crashed 2 Fighters & 1 Drone even before India fired a single bullet

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    It’s no secret that Pakistan’s Air Force is the weakest link of the Pakistani military and, in case both Pakistan and India are engaged in a war, then the Indian Air Force will probably win the war single-handedly for India. This was made clear recently when reports of two Pakistani air force fighters going down during practice surfaced.

    It is being reported that a Pakistani F-7 crashed in a training mission in the North-West Frontier Province killing a young Lieutenant Amer Shazad.

    While many reports said that it was an accident due to heavy fog, malfunction or shoddy condition of the aircrafts cannot be ruled out.

    This news hadn’t even settled in yet and Twitter was already abuzz with another news of a JF-17 Thunder missing in action around the Arabian Sea.

    'The Dawn' also reported a confirmed crash of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle near Mianwali during a training drill on a routine mission.

    Pakistan’s threats and rhetoric of waging a war against India will fall flat if these routine reports of their shoddy military preparedness don’t cease because if this is their reality even before a single bullet is fired from the Indian side, then we can only imagine what would happen if a full-blown war breaks out.
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    60% of Paki F-16s are grounded too due to maintenance issues and lack of spares from the US! There were reports too that Chinese made AA missiles on the JFs have failed innumerable times too! Lol!

    That's why they keep harping on their nukes to prevent India from any offensive action as they know the Porki army, air force and navy are duds! All this even after eating grass!

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