The Breathless Dragon

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    The Agni V which was described by DRDO chief as a 'game changer' seems to have scared the dragon. China has been showing its unhappiness through its mouthpieces, though officially no one has dared to criticise India. China went on to describe India as a 'partner' than the usual 'peaceful competitor'. For you, Agni V might be a simple ICBM or a waste of money which should be spend on development. But, for me, it's a national pride. But, I do agree that the Government should look after the people too.

    The 24 Mach missile, which can travel faster than a bullet, can hit anything within the range of 5,000 KMs. To be more precise, the missile can hit anything anywhere in China. India developed this missile not to tackle the Pakistan, but to protect itself from the China - which usually exhales fire on India. This is the main reason why China is scared. It might be true that the Chinese have a 'superior' nuclear weapon, but for now we're capable of deterring the China - which balances the power in Asia and Indian ocean.

    The missile can also increase India's influence among the world nations tremendously, making it closer to the UN permanent membership. US have acknowledged it by saying that 'India has a strong non-proliferation record' - but, I believe there are other reasons behind this statement, but it still is in favour of India.

    It might take 2 more years until it gets inducted to the army. But, the message is clear, India is now arming itself against the dragon and not against its traditional rival - Pakistan. India might not have become a super power- as a Chinese mouthpiece claims - but, India surely has become deterrent against China.

    -Jai Hind
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